From the void, an auspicious presence reaches out and fills your mind.You feel at peace with the world. It asks you what you desire most, and without a second thought you reply that you wish your Trimps were smart enough to manage storage structures on their own. The presence lets you know that it is done, then dissipates. You instantly regret not asking to go home.

Auto Storage is a permanent upgrade unlocked after completing a Void map in zone 75 or above.

Once unlocked, a button labeled "AutoStorage" will be permanently available above the Buildings menu. If toggled, the game will automatically queue up Barns, Sheds and Forges whenever the stock of resources reaches 100%.

If toggled, it will also purchase storage buildings when offline, if the resource gain was to reach maximum through the period when the game is not running.

There are no additional costs to using Auto Storage.

Mechanics Edit

If the game is running, Auto Storage will attempt to build a storage facility when corresponding resource reaches the storage capacity. The game will automatically queue up the construction of the facility as if the player chose to buy it himself. The queued up facility still needs time to be constructed. If there are any buildings in construction when Auto Storage activates, the storage facility will be queued after the current constructions. If the storage facility fills up before the storage building completes, autostorage will queue up another storage facility if possible. This can lead to multiple storage facilities queued up, if a lot of buildings are already in construction.

Note that all that Auto Storage does is queue up a storage facility whenever the corresponding resource reaches 100%. This means that all resource gain earned while your storage capacity was at 100% is effectively lost.

For example, if a Jestimp were to give 10% of your current max storage in a single resource, and your stock is at 95%, it will go up to 100% which will waste the remaining 5% - then, a storage facility will be queued up and built the same way it would happen had the player purchased it. This means that manual purchase of storage facilities is still useful, to decrease the frequency of this behavior.

Improved Auto Storage Edit

In patch 4.3, an improvement to Auto Storage is introduced. This allows all storage buildings to skip the building queue (like warpstations). To unlock this feature, the player must complete a Void Map at Zone 150 or later.

With this feature, if a large amount of resources are gained that exceeds the storage cap (like killing a Jestimp or Chronoimp at high map levels), the game will use these resources to immediately purchase the corresponding number of storages. This means that any extra resources are not wasted.

Trivia Edit

  • This has been one of the most, if not the single most requested feature in the game for the approximate six month period from game publication to implementation.  The flavor text reflects and acknowledges this.
  • Patch 4.0 moved this feature from Zone 150 down to Zone 75

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