Block is one of the three main statistics in the game. The effective amount of block used by your Trimps in battle is shown in the Battle menu, between health and damage. The amount of block that you have subtracts from all incoming damage dealt by enemies every turn.

In the early game, the only way to get block is to upgrade Gym. After beating The Block and purchasing Shieldblock, Shield becomes the most effective way to gain block (at least before unlocking Gymystic). You can also increase block by hiring trainers, which give an additive increase. The bonus provided by trainers can be increased via TrainTacular upgrade.

At zone 25 the player will get an upgrade Gymystic, which makes each Gym increase block given by all Gyms by 5%. This upgrade will now keep dropping every 5 zones, and each consecutive one will increase that percentage by 1. The Gymystic upgrade stops dropping at zone 55, due to a drastic change in the game triggered at zone 59 by breaking the planet, it will spawn less in zones 60+. It only spawns at 75,100,125,150, get each gym increase base block of other gym by 15% which is the same as its price ratio.

After breaking the planet, enemies in the world will pierce through part of your block if your block is more than 80% of their attack, in which case only you will be dealt 20% of their attack. This can be reduced with Barrier formation and Metallic Coat, and is increased by the Lead challenge.


This is the formula for calculating block:

([Total block] * [Trainer amount] * [Trainer percentage] + [Total block]) * [Fighting Trimps]

  • Total block - The sum of Block gained from Gyms and Shield. To calculate it, use:

([Gym amount] * [Block per Gym]) + ([Shield level] * [Block per Shield])

  • Trainer amount - The amount of hired Trainers
  • Trainer percentage - The % gain from a single Trainer (35% is 0.35), can be increased by TrainTacular.
  • Fighting Trimps - The size of your fighting group

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