Bone Trader is a premium shop introduced in the 1.091 update. Here, the player can spend bones on various items.


Boosts Edit

This section gives the ability to purchase either 12 or 36 hours of current production instantly. If your current storage buildings can't store all of the resources that would be given to you for purchasing such boost, the necessary amount of storage buildings will be automatically purchased.

Hours Cost


12 20
36 40

Exotic Imp-orts Edit

The Exotic Imp-orts are special imps that, once purchased, will spawn at an average rate of 3 per 100 cells individually and drop special bonuses. Each of the Exotic Imp-orts costs 50 bones.

Exotic Imp-orts stay unlocked after using the Portal, however, the bonus gained from killing them does not.

Other Goodies Edit

The other goodies include one-time-use miscellaneous bonuses.

Bonus Description



Portal Automatically gain helium equal to the amount you earned on your best run[1] 100
Heirloom Get one Heirloom at the chances above, based on highest zone.[2] 30
Golden Maps All of your current and future maps will gain +100% loot

Until your next portal

Quick Trimps All of your Trimps will breed 2x faster

Until your next portal

  1. Daily challenges will affect the bone portal as if they don't have a bonus.
  2. The chances listed are equal to the chances you'd get from running a Void Map at your highest zone ever.

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