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Efficiency is a repeated world unlock which increases the speed at which the player can do the following actions:

  • Gathering food.
  • Chopping down trees.
  • Mining metal.
  • Generating science.
  • Structure making.
  • Trapping.

The player's speed starts at 100%. Each upgrade increases that speed by a 100%, multiplicatively. The player gets an Efficiency upgrade every two zones.

Below table shows the player efficiency for up to first 10 upgrades bought.

Efficiency upgrades


Player efficiency
0 100%
1 200%
2 400%
3 800%
4 1600%
5 3200%
6 6400%
7 12800%
8 25600%
9 51200%
10 102400%

Note: You can only build or trap 10 times per second. This is because the game runs 10 logic frames per second, and is capped to a maximum of one action per logic frame. This means that if you're doing these two actions at 10 per second, upgrading Efficiency further won't have an effect on them anymore. To find out whether you've reached maximum speed on those, simply look at the progress bar - if it doesn't react, you've reached maximum speed.

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