Empowerments of Nature becomes available the first time you reach zone 236 after which it changes between the 3 types of empowerment every 5 levels changing at the 1st and 6th zone. (I.e. 236, 241, 246)

Tokens: Every time you change Empowerment there will be an enemy with the color of the previous empowerment. when this enemy is defeated you receive tokens depending in the zone you reached.

There are 3 types of Empowerment:

Empowerment of Ice: This empowerment reduces enemy damage and boost your trimps damage with 1% per level of Ice compounding causing it to have less effect the more levels it gain.

Empowerment of Poison: Every time your trimps hit an enemy they add a debuff consisting of 1% of you trimps damage per level of Poison to the enemy, causing the enemy to take extra damage the next time it is attacked, the debuff stacks increasing the damage every attack until the enemy is dead.

Empowerment of Wind: Stacks a debuff on the enemy everytime the trimps make a successful attack increasing loot from all sources by 1% per level for normal loot and 0.1% for helium pr level of Wind. The helium buff doesn't work in maps and so does not give extra helium from void maps. There can be a max of 200 stacks of Wind on an enemy.

Besides level of effect there is also a transfer level of each empowerment, this allows for up to 80% (lvl 80 transfer) of the effect to pass on to the next enemy, the transfered 80% is counted on the next enemy when it dies so it transfers 80% of the effect previously transfered plus what was added during the killing of the current enemy. It is to be noted that transfered effect does not transfer after it changed to a different empowerment, this prevents more than 1 effect to be on an opponent at the time.

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