'Nature now helps you get some of the bad guys off of its planet, in the form of the new 'Empowerments of Nature' mechanic.  -- Changelog for 4.4

Empowerments of Nature becomes available the first time you reach zone 236 after which it changes between the 3 types of Nature every 5 levels at zones ending in 1 and 6 (I.e. 236, 241, 246).


Every time you change Nature there will be a random enemy with the color of the previous empowerment. Defeating this enemy will reward tokens depending on the zone you reached. The further in the world you reach, the more Tokens the enemy will drop. The initial reward is 1 Token of Poison at Zone 241, then 1 Token of Wind at Zone 246, 1 Token of Ice at Zone 251, then 2 Tokens of Poison at Zone 256 and so on. It is also possible to gain Tokens by beating certain rows in Spires after the first Spire.

One type of tokens can be traded for another type at the ratio of 10:5 e.g. trade 10 tokens of Poison for 5 tokens of Wind. With the Natural Diplomacy Mastery, one can increase this transfer ratio to 10:6, then to 10:8.

Empowerment TypesEdit

There are 3 types of Empowerment:

Empowerment of Poison: Each successful attack by your Trimps stack a debuff on the enemy, causing it to take 1% (+1% per level) of the damage you dealt every turn until it dies. Each attack by the Trimps further adds to the effect.

Empowerment of Wind: Each successful attack by your Trimps stack a debuff on the enemy, causing winds to swell and knock extra resources into your reach. Each stack increases Helium gained from all sources by 0.1% (+0.1% per level) and increases all other resources by 1% (+1% per level) until the enemy dies. Maximum of 200 stacks. Note that helium bonus does not apply to maps (and Void Maps).

Empowerment of Ice: Enemies will be Chilled every time your Trimps attack. The Chill debuff stacks, reducing the damage that enemy deals by 1% (+1% per level with diminishing returns, up to 100%) per stack, and increases the damage your Trimps deal to the same enemy by the same amount until it dies. Note: With enough levels/stacks, it is possible for enemies to deal 0-0 damage.

Besides level of effect, there is also a transfer level of each Empowerment: this allows for 1% (+1% per level, max of 80 levels) of the effect to pass on to the next enemy. The transferred 80% is counted on the next enemy when it dies so it transfers 80% of the effect previously transferred plus what was added during the killing of the current enemy. It is to be noted that transferred effect does not transfer after it changes to a different Nature, preventing more than 1 effect to be on an enemy at the same time.

Natural Diplomacy III gives 5 free levels of both the effect level and the transfer level (which allows it to go up to 85%).

Each upgrade of an Empowerment costs 4 more tokens than the previous level.

Strategy Edit

As wind does not boost void maps, there is no reason to run your void maps during a wind zone. As block gets extremely high quickly in magma, running void maps in ice is not very useful either. As such, you should aim for void maps to be ran inside of poison zones, where you can get a large attack bonus, allowing completing the void map in a timely manner.

When stacking wind, you do not want the corrupted or healthy imp you're fighting to die before getting the stacks to max. This requires careful planning of your attack power (to be able to defeat the imp in approximately 30 attacks (at 85 transfer)) to maximize Helium gain without it taking too long.

Ideal Transfer RatiosEdit


Stack Transfer

1 0%
2 0%
3 0%
4 0%
5 0%
6 0%
7 0%
8 1%
9 1%
10 2%
11 2%
12 2%
13 3%
14 4%
15 4%
16 5%
17 6%
18 6%
19 7%
20 8%
21 9%
22 10%
23 11%
24 13%
25 14%
26 16%
27 17%
28 19%
29 21%
30 23%
31 25%
32 28%
33 31%
34 36%
35 42%
36 80% (max)

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