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Equipment base values Edit

Armour Shield Boots Helmet Pants Shoulderguard Breastplate
Base Cost 40 55 100 160 275 415
Base Health 4 6 10 14 23 35
Cost/Health 10 9 10 11.4 12 11.9
Weapon Dagger Mace Polearm Battleaxe Greatsword
Base Cost 40 80 140 230 375
Base Attack 2 3 4 7 9
Cost/Attack 20 27 35 33 41

These are values for lvl 1 of unprestiged equipment. The cost increases by 20% (compounding) when buying ihigher levels of the same unprestiged equipment. That means that an unprestiged Helmet lvl 1 costs 100 metal, an unprestiged Helmet lvl 2 costs 120 metal, but a Helmet lvl 3 alredy costs 144 metal. You can see that the cost will increase rapidly.

The tables to compute prestiged equipment is below.

Prestige Level Mulitpliers Edit

Prestige Level Base Cost Multiplier Armour Health Weapon Attack Shield Block
none *1.069 *1 *1
II *47.93 *13.61 *11.51
III *2150 *13.61*11.42 *11.51*9.59 1.78*5.7*5.7
IV+ *2150*25.35^(Level-3) *13.61*11.42^(Level-2) *11.51*9.59^(Level-2) 1.78*5.7^(Level-1)

These are values that are used to to calculate both cost and equipment bonuses for all levels of equipment.

Total Cost Edit

The total cost is calculated using the formula below:

Total Cost = (Base Cost) * (Prestige Level Base Cost Multiplier) * 1.2^(actual Equipment Level)

This calculates the cost for equipment that is one level higher that the value of the actual Equipment Level.

Example Edit

e.g. Greatsword III 6 has Total Cost = 375*2150*(1.2^6) = 2407449 = 2.4 M metal

and Weapon Attack = Base Attack * Weapon Attack Multiplier = 9 * 11.51 * 9.59 = 993.4 attack

If you check in-game you can see that these values are slightly off. This is because the real multiplier values differ slightly for each and every euipment and the wiki-values are average for each equipment type.

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