This is a full changelog for Trimps.

4.5 - 9/25/17 Edit


  • New Spires have popped up in the world every 100 zones after Z200.
  • The Z200 Spire needs to be cleared before you'll be able to see 300, 300 must be cleared for 400, etc. You will already have credit for the Z200 spire if you cleared it before this patch.
  • Each Spire you clear (including the old one at Z200) now permanently alters your portal device, causing you to liquify zones equal to 5% of your Highest Zone Cleared per unique spire cleared.
  • Added 41 new world story messages between Z265 and Z505, and even more story to the first 3 new Spires
  • Spire Row 9 no longer drops 5 bones. Instead, you will be rewarded with 20 bones the first time you clear each unique Spire.
  • Added a new achievement tier, worth 80% each.
  • Added 13 new achievements. Renamed some old achievements and moved some names around so things like 'Absolute Zero' are still the final tier of Helium achievements. It's tough to think of something colder than Absolute Zero.
  • After maxxing out Golden Upgrade frequency, each 500% bonus you earn above the cap of 2000% will allow you to start every run with 1 extra free Golden Upgrade.
  • Doubled the speed of AutoUpgrade, which can now do 2 upgrades per second instead of 1.
  • Added a new tier of Masteries (t6)
  • Added another new tier of Masteries for good measure (t7)
  • And one more new tier of Masteries just for fun (t8)
  • The chance to get higher level Heirlooms now increases at Z400


  • AutoGolden now requires 30 seconds for Trimp retraining before it makes any purchases after you use your Portal.
  • Added third toggle to the 'Gene Send' option - Enforce Gene Send. This has all the functionality of normal Gene Send, but also forces your army to never be sent early due to fast breeding. With this setting toggled, AutoFight will only send Trimps in if you are at max population or you have reached your set Geneticistassist timer.
  • After you've reached Z230 once, AutoStructure gains an extra setting to not build Nurseries before a set zone number.
  • Hotkeys are now disabled when the Settings menu is open
  • Added a new setting to the 'Other' category, allowing you to disable hotkeys entirely
  • Perk levels now display with large number formatting by default. This can be disabled through the new setting under Layout if you prefer to see the more precise numbers instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Speedrun achievements no longer give credit if you're a few seconds over the time. All speedrun achievement descriptions have been updated to state "Complete X in less than Y time" rather than "Complexe X in Y time or less".
  • Enemy buffs/debuffs now scroll if they run out of room instead of pushing everything down.
  • The research button now comes back if you portal before completing a scientist challenge.
  • Fixed a text issue with plurality on the map info hover
  • Geneticistassist is now more reliable when your total population size is a few orders of magnitude larger than your army size

4.41 - 8/17/17 Edit

Bug Fixes

  • Jestimp and Chronoimp can now reward fragments as soon as Explorers become available in the world, rather than waiting for you to purchase the unlock for Explorers
  • The Scryer Formation can no longer be activated before it is unlocked
  • Fixed a line showing up in the block breakdown during Mapocalypse and Electricity that shouldn't have been there
  • The Nature tab tooltip now always shows the correct zone that you'll fight the next empowered enemy
  • Bionic Wonderland maps no longer show as continuable after they've been automatically recycled, which prevents the game from crashing
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of the Trimp and Bad Guy health bars where the Trimp bar was being pushed down a few pixels by the MagnetoShriek button

4.4 - 6/22/17 Edit


  • Nature now helps you get some of the bad guys off of its planet, in the form of the new 'Empowerments of Nature' mechanic. Empowerments of Nature become available at Z236 and can be upgraded with 3 new special currencies!
  • The chest you earn when Magma starts now also contains 2 Omnipotrimps worth of Helium.

Bug Fixes

  • Finishing Scientist 4 or Mapology should no longer leave you with an odd number of weapon/armor prestiges available.

4.32 - 5/25/17 Edit


  • The 'Empower' daily modifier no longer applies in maps, and is now World only.

Bug Fixes

  • Fade-ins should be faster
  • Grammar fixes
  • Added hover text for magma loot
  • Removed underscore from Carpentry II in breakdown
  • Mastery alerts no longer display when all Masteries are purchased
  • Fire for Jobs should be more stable

4.31 - 4/17/17 Edit

Bug Fixes

  • Made some huge performance fixes. You should notice a massive reduction in CPU usage while Trimps is running!
  • Setting an AutoStructure limit on Nurseries now takes buildings closed by Magma in to account in order to keep you at that number. Also added a statistic for closed Nurseries!
  • Fire for Jobs works much better with really really high numbers of owned Trimps
  • 'Pressure' no longer stacks infinitely
  • The dates under the daily challenge should now be proper in all time zones

4.3 - 4/12/17 Edit


  • The strange eggs from last year have made their way temporarily back in to the World. They're rumored to contain some pretty neat stuff, but will disappear in about 1 week. Click it if you see one!
  • You can now run any Daily Challenge from the past 7 days, up from 2
  • Added 5 new Daily Challenge modifiers
  • Due to changes with Masteries, all spent Dark Essence will be refunded and all Masteries will reset the first time you load to 4.3
  • Combined the Home Detector 1 and 2 masteries in to a single T1 Mastery
  • The Home Detector mastery now includes Nurseries. To preserve the difficulty of the 'Grindless' Feat achievement, Grindless has been updated to also require not purchasing any Nurseries.
  • Moved the Tier 2 Foremany Mastery and Tier 3 Double Build Mastery two columns to the right
  • Moved the Metallic Coat Mastery from T4 to T2
  • Added AutoStructure as a Tier 4 mastery, requiring Double Build. AutoStructure allows you to set thresholds at which most structures can be automatically purchased!
  • You can now improve AutoStorage to waste less resources and craft instantly by completing a 150+ Void Map!
  • The first time you clear Trimple of Doom each portal (as long as you have already completed it once for the perk), you'll find 'Ancient Treasure', which instantly doubles your stored Food, Wood, and Metal.
  • The Heirloom in the spire is now level 201, giving you a better chance for a higher rarity
  • The bonus helium reward from Electricity is now 200%, up from 150%
  • Buying 300 Golden Upgrades unlocks something new! This is tracked in Statistics, and counts back from the beginning of Golden Upgrades. If you're already over 300, you'll need to purchase 1 more on version 4.3 to get your present.


  • You can now save up to 3 Perk Presets! You'll be able to overwrite and rename the presets whenever you want, and you can load any saved preset whenever your Respec is active.
  • Moved the Portal confirmation message in to a tooltip, and made the different warning messages look pretty. This is also sort of a bug fix, as the 'Cancel' button won't ever fall off the screen anymore.
  • Added a new portal warning message if you try to portal with enough Magmite to buy a Generator upgrade
  • Added new "Other" setting: "Gene Sending", which unlocks after unlocking Geneticistassist. Toggling this setting on will force Trimps to be sent to battle whenever they've been breeding for longer than your current Geneticistassist setting.
  • Added new "Other" setting: "Fire for Jobs", which causes Farmers, Lumberjacks, and Miners to be fired automatically if you try to purchase a scaling-price job (Trainer, Explorer, Geneticist, etc) while you don't have enough workspaces available.
  • Added new "Other" setting: "Always Giga Ctrl", which forces Gigastations to act as if you were holding the Ctrl key when you purchase them, even if you weren't actually holding it!
  • The custom number box now remembers the first thing you use it for after each portal, and will automatically set itself to that number or ratio after your next portal
  • AutoFight now remembers your setting between portals
  • Clicking 'Portal' with Respec available will automatically activate your Respec
  • Prices on tooltips now display in orange if your storage is too low for that particular resource
  • Buying a perk from the 'View Perks' menu no longer removes the 'Respec' button. Clicking the 'Respec' button will now enable your respec without clearing any non-confirmed perk levels.
  • Repeatable challenges now use a darker shade of blue on the Portal screen, to help make them easier to visually differentiate from single-run challenges that you have an unearned reward available in.
  • Added a 'View Current Challenge' button to the portal screen if you have a challenge active, allowing you to swap the 'Select New Challenge' pane back and forth with the one that appears on the 'View Perks' screen, including the 'Abandon Challenge' button.
  • You can now still see the mods that were on a daily challenge on the portal screen, even if you have already completed that day's challenge.
  • Updated the squares that Perks live inside, Perk Level is now on its own line, and Perk names no longer push out of the boxes.
  • 4-way toggle buttons now have 4 different colors like the settings buttons. The only difference to things that existed before 4.3 is that the 'Weapons First' AutoPrestige setting is blue now instead of yellow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some alignment with UI boxes
  • Double Attack bad guys no longer attack a second time if they die first
  • The map credits label now properly disappears after finishing Mapology or Mapology²
  • Void Maps now say the name of the void buff next to the icon in the 'World Info' popup instead of saying "Any"
  • Alphabetic Notation no longer displays "bz" as "bundefined"
  • Trying to buy Golden Maps or Quick Trimps while you already have them no longer messes up the UI
  • The attack breakdown should no longer fall out the bottom of anyone's browser
  • Fixed a text error with the King of Bones II mastery description
  • Fixed a text error in the Meditation challenge description
  • Going in to to a perks screen no longer clears your purchase amount selection
  • Geneticistassist no longer buys enough Geneticists to break breeding if you have it enabled while using a very small amount of soldiers, such as during the Trimp² Challenge
  • The Dimensional Generator default mode setting is now only under 'General'
  • Time units no longer show as plural in the 'Time Until Full' boxes for resources if the time unit is singular (1 min 1 sec instead of 1 mins 1 secs)
  • Geneticists no longer stop providing their health bonus when it takes 0 seconds to refill your soldiers
  • Heirloom seed no longer resets on portal

4.21 - 2/27/17 Edit


  • Challenge² rewards are now earned on reaching X zones rather than clearing X zones. For example, with the default reward of 1% every 10 zones, you'll earn 1% as soon as you hit Z10, 2% as soon as you hit Z20, etc. Reloading to this patch will automatically reupdate your bonuses to this new rule.


  • Added a Challenge² tooltip button and bonus display to the View Perks screen when running Challenge²
  • The ² looks better in the attack/health/helium breakdowns
  • Magmamancers no longer drop during Metal²

Bug Fixes

  • Cthulimp text on kill now makes more sense when running Challenge²
  • Fixed a display issue where the bonus from Turkimp III wasn't properly reflecting in the gathered resources per second display.

4.2 - 2/25/17 Edit


  • Added Challenge²! This feature is automatically unlocked at Zone 65, and allows you to run up to 15 different normal challenges to the furthest zone you can for a permanent increase to attack, health, and Helium found!


  • Geneticistassist is now 10x faster, and tracks when your last soldiers were sent in order to better maintain Anticipation stacks
  • AutoUpgrade and AutoPrestige can now each purchase 1 upgrade per second, instead of only one or the other.
  • When using the 'Extra Map Info' setting, Void Maps will show their specific Void Buff icon instead of the resource icon.
  • Added new option for large number formatting, "Alphabetic Notation". Where Standard would use 100K-100M-100B-100Sx-100Sxv, or Scientific would use 1e5-1e8-1e11-1e24-1e83, Alphabetic will use 100a-100b-100c-100g-100aa. The custom number tab supports parsing Alphabetic Notation while it's enabled.
  • You can now only carry 3 Bionic Wonderland maps at a time. If you pick up a fourth, your lowest level Bionic Wonderland will be automatically recycled.
  • The "Bionic Magnet" Mastery now only drops maps up to the highest level RoboTrimp ever earned
  • Added Corruption cell count per zone to the helium breakdown
  • Added hover colors to challenges on the portal screen

Bug Fixes

  • The Corruption line in the Helium breakdown now properly takes Headstart in to account
  • AutoStorage now properly moves on to the next storage type if it can't afford one of the others
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the MagnetoShriek button to display before Z60
  • Buying the 'Formation' upgrade after purchasing specific formation upgrades now properly unlocks all purchased formation upgrades
  • There are no longer underscores in the level 2 perk names if you copy and paste them from the attack/health/gathering/loot breakdowns
  • The story text now makes more sense after clearing Z20 with the 'Portal Generator' mastery active.

4.1 - 1/14/17 Edit


  • Heirlooms now refund 100% of the Nu spent on upgrading any mods, as long as those mods are still on the heirloom when it is recycled. Nu spent replacing mods will still not be refunded. This is backwards compatible with any heirlooms you upgraded before this patch!
  • Added a new heirloom rarity that begins dropping at Z230
  • Added 2 new speedrun achievements, 2 new achievements to "Total Zone Clears", 2 new achievements to "Helium Collection", and 1 new achievement to "Heirloom Collection"
  • Added new achievement category: "Humane Run". You'll earn these achievements for reaching certain zones after losing less than one battle per zone. You'll need to portal at least once after moving to this update before this achievement will be achievable.
  • Added new Golden Upgrade/Achievement tier
  • Added new statistic for battles lost


  • Your Void Map count is now always displayed on the maps button while in the world

Bug Fixes

  • Exiting to Maps after finishing a map will no longer kill off your group of Trimps when you go back to the world
  • Fixed an issue with rounding on the "Helium Collection" achievement progress indicator
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Hybridization on the Dimensional Generator to sometimes waste a cell before swapping from Fuel to Mi before Storage has been purchased.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Trimps to be sent back to battle too soon after dealing with a Superheated Omnipotrimp

4.01 - 12/16/16 Edit


  • A cold snap has brought snow to the Trimp homeworld! All non-mutated world cells have some snow, which is purely visual. You can disable the snow in General Settings, but you'll miss out on the real life mood boost from holiday cheer.
  • Presimpts have returned and can be found randomly in the world! Presimpts drop basic resources, or if you're lucky and have been good this year, a bone. Presimpts and snow will melt away shortly after the holidays.
  • Added new housing achievement
  • Reduced the Magmite cost of all single-use Generator upgrades by 25%.
  • Added a new multi-purchase Generator upgrade


  • Slightly changed the description of Hut to make it more clear that all housing supports only half of its capacity as workspaces.
  • If your highest Void Map clear was above Z230, it will be reset to 230 one time only. This is purely visual, as this stat is currently not used for anything other than being a statistic.
  • The 'Trimps from Generator' stat now takes Carp and other housing bonuses in to account for the displayed number. This is also a purely visual change.
  • Added new setting under 'Other' to disable offline progress
  • Added a new settings tab for 'Performance'

Bug Fixes

  • Trimps slain by a Superheated Omnipotrimp now count towards the 'Dead Trimps' stat
  • Fixed an issue causing the 'Trustworthy Trimps' popup to sometimes not display when using PlayFab on Kongregate (this is a display fix only, the loot was still being given out previously)
  • Fixed an issue where rampage stacks wouldn't properly reset after leaving and coming back to a map
  • Fixed an issue where the free Coordinations at Z230 would sometimes not display for a few cells.
  • Magmamancer no longer shows up in the metal loot breakdown if you've been on the zone for less than 10 minutes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Scryer Formation to improperly display if it's unlocked but 'Formations' hasn't yet been purchased that run.

4.0 - 11/20/16 Edit


  • Huge overhaul of Z230+. Added the first Megastructure, a new zone mutation, a new currency, and new things to upgrade!
  • If your Highest Zone Reached or RoboTrimp level were above Z230, they will be reset to Z230 (for things like masteries that use it). This will only occur once - the first time you load in to V4.0 if you're currently below 230, or your first portal if you were already above Z230.
  • Added zone progress achievements up to 300
  • Added new story messages
  • AutoStorage has been moved from Z150 to Z75
  • Void Maps that are completed above your Corruption start point now calculate the amount of Corruption cells you would find in that world zone as part of the Void Map helium reward. (Lots more helium from Void Maps when Corruption is active)
  • Dark essence now gains 45% more scaling from zone, meaning much more Dark Essence drops as you reach higher zones.
  • Due to changes with Masteries, all Masteries have been refunded for free!
  • Added 6 new Masteries
  • Added new T3 mastery, condensed Foremany 1 and Foremany 2 in to one mastery, Moved King of Bones II from T4 to T5, added one new T4 mastery to fill Bones II's spot, and the 4 other new masteries are all T5.
  • T4 Masteries now only require 11 previously purchased masteries to unlock, down from 12
  • Dark Essence can no longer be earned after purchasing all available Masteries
  • Crit chance has been added to the possible Corruption enemy modifier pool
  • Pumpkimps have gone in to hiding until next year.


  • Advanced map settings now persist through portal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Famine wasn't showing up in the displayed gathering numbers.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause helium earned while the portal screen was open to not be counted
  • Daily challenge achievements are no longer visible until Dailies unlock at Z100
  • AutoUpgrade now works better when Trimps is not the active window
  • Spire loot messages no longer disappear in the log after exiting the spire

3.811 - 10/22/16 Edit


  • Added a new option for "Events" to the message configuration for Loot. This will let you toggle on/off loot text from temporary events like Pumpkimps
  • AutoFight will now send Trimps to fight if it takes less than 0.1 seconds to breed a new group of soldiers, even if the population limit hasn't been reached yet

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ctrl clicking Gigastation with the 'Locking' and 'Confirming' settings toggled on would sometimes only purchase 1 Warpstation
  • Fixed an issue where extra damage from a new daily challenge modifier was ignoring block

3.81 - 10/20/16 Edit


  • Added 4 new daily challenge modifiers
  • Pumpkimps have temporarily returned! You can find weak versions of them in maps, and have a 5% chance per zone to encounter a patch of more rewarding ones in the world.


  • Creating a map now automatically selects that map if you don't already have one in progress
  • Number formatting now defaults to engineering rather than scientific notation after the game runs out of words for numbers when using standard formatting. Engineering notation is more similar to standard than scientific
  • Holding Ctrl while buying a Gigastation will cause as many Warpstations as you currently own to be purchased immediately after Gigastation, if you can afford them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause 'Weapons First' prestiging to ignore weapons if shield upgrades were available and wood income was low
  • The maximum value for loot and difficulty percent on maps now has an even chance to roll

3.8 - 9/26/16 Edit


  • Added daily challenges! These become unlocked after Zone 100, generate a brand new random challenge every day, and can only be completed once each.
  • Added 5 achievements for the daily challenges


  • Feat of strength achievements that have not been completed now turn red when it becomes impossible to complete them for that run.
  • Trimp attack breakdown now includes min/max
  • AutoTrap toggled setting now persists through portals

Bug Fixes

  • It's no longer extremely difficult to click a resource/sec breakdown once you have very high resources/sec
  • Fixed an issue that was making it difficult to change perks in the middle of the run with Carpentry II in use.
  • Engineering notation no longer stops working after e100 (Thanks Grimy!)

3.71 - 8/28/16 Edit


  • Dark Essence drops are now worth 3x less, but happen 3x more frequently
  • Added 8 achievements for Helium collection
  • Added a new challenge and unique reward at Z55


  • Automatic online saving now occurs once per 30 minutes instead of every minute. You can still manually click save to force a backup. Added extra text to the green 'Game Saved!' message to let you know when your game has also been backed up online.

Bug Fixes

  • Masteries no longer display an alert or show cost once all are purchased
  • MagnetoShriek is no longer lost if you activate it, kill a map enemy, then switch back to the Improbability
  • Fixed all known inconsistencies with the Bionic Magnet mastery. The proper maps should drop only once per run from all the proper locations at the proper times. (This may require a portal before it starts working properly if you were already having problems this run)
  • Mastery respec button no longer overflows to two lines on lower resolutions
  • Golden upgrades now temporarily lock themselves and others (like all other unlocks) if the "Lock on Unlock" setting is enabled
  • Pausing the game no longer temporarily and incorrectly alters Helium/hr or average loot
  • Megaskeletimps and Skeletimps no longer occasionally prevent the other from spawning

3.7 - 8/11/16 Edit


  • New late game feature: Mastery. Unlocks at Z181 and adds 20 new things to master!
  • New Formation: Scrying. Scrying Formation unlocks once you've reached Z181 and trades battle stats for extra loot. Scrying above Z181 gives a chance to find Dark Essence, which is used for Mastery.
  • Removed messages about unlocking perks in the spire if you already have the perk unlocked. Added some extra storyish text to the Spire perk descriptions instead.
  • Adjusted the popup from the start of Corruption to work with more situations, and added some clarifying information about the Improbability/Void Map bonuses to the Corrupted Challenge description.

3.6 - 7/24/16 Edit


  • New Feature: Golden Upgrades. Golden Upgrades can be found starting at every 50 zones, and can be used to increase Attack and Health, Helium, or Void Map drops. As you earn a higher percentage of damage from achievements, you'll begin to find Golden Upgrades more frequently. Golden Upgrades get more powerful as you find more each run.
  • Added new statistic for total Golden Upgrades purchased
  • Added 12 new unique 'Feat' achievements, all T5 and higher
  • Each row you complete in the Spire now increases all loot gained until your next portal by 2% (including helium)

UI/Quality Of Life

  • Added a checkbox to the Geneticistassist setting, allowing you to force Geneticistassist to always start disabled after it is unlocked each run.
  • Added new setting for button size in the menu where you purchase Buildings, Jobs, Upgrades, and Equipment. It can be found under 'Layout' and allows you to toggle between 4, 5, or 6 buttons per row.

3.51 - 7/9/16 Edit


  • Added 7th achievement tier
  • Added speedrun achievements for Spire
  • Increased the bonus metal in the Spire by 500%, from 10x to 50x.

UI/Quality Of Life

  • Added Helium to the loot breakdown (the present icon by the bad guy's name)
  • Added a cog icon to the message toggle bar. Clicking this cog will let you further customize which types of messages can show up in your log.
  • Helium drops are now counted as Loot rather than Story. The new font color for helium messages is a slightly darker blue than the story messages.
  • Added a new alert system to let you know when you unlock a new setting (some settings are unlocked side-by-side with late game rewards, and it was hard to know about it before). You'll see a red '!' by settings after unlocking a new one, and will have access to a 'New' tab the first time you open settings after seeing the alert.
  • Added a new setting once Siphonology is unlocked, which causes the map creation level input box to default to the lowest level you'll receive a map bonus. (Off by default)
  • Added a new setting that allows you to toggle timestamps on in the message log. You can log either the current run time, or the local time according to your computer. (Off by default)
  • Added an 'Exit Spire' button below the Bone Trader when in the Spire. Clicking this button... exits the Spire.
  • The online saving setting is no longer in Beta! Now when launching the game for the first time, there will be a button to enable online saving from the Welcome popup.
  • Changed up the border on achievements a tiny bit, in order to make it easier to tell at a glance which tier an achievement is in.

Bug Fixes

  • The message received when finishing a Void Map no longer says anything about finding yourself teleported to the map chamber if you're repeating or exiting to world.

3.5 - 6/23/16 Edit


UI/Quality of Life

  • Finally redesigned the Settings layout. It's got a search and stuff now, check it out!
  • Updated the Portal and View Perks UIs, trading some whitespace for larger text on perks.
  • Now that you can pause the game by clicking on the timer at the bottom right of the screen (since 3.4), the 'Pause' setting in the Settings Menu has now been removed. There is now a new setting in the Settings Menu which allows you to disable pausing altogether, for people worried about pasing by accident.
  • The Watch challenge will no longer assign any of your Trimps as workers if it would leave you with less than 15% of your max Trimps to help repopulate.
  • Updated the first time launch text

Bug Fixes

  • The right column of the bone trader no longer gets pushed outside of the box on any resolution.

3.4 - 6/9/16 Edit


  • The Spire at Z200 is now open. Earn 5 new end-game perks with a new type of price scaling, rare resources, and a conclusion to the main story. In-game explanations will give an overview of how it works!
  • The amount of zones in between Void Map drops no longer increases past Zone 200. This means you will find more Void Maps per run the further past Z200 you go!

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added pause icon to the timer at the bottom right of the screen, and clicking the timer now pauses the game
  • Added a pulse animation to the timer when the game is paused
  • You can now enter numbers larger than 1000 in the perk selection custom number button to support the new perks. Most perks will show an infinity symbol for the cost and be unpurchasable when 1000 or higher is used.
  • Added a 'Recycle All' button to extra Heirlooms
  • When a Void Map drops, the '!' in the alert has been replaced with the number of Void Maps you currently have
  • Mousing over the Map Name and Level square while in a Void Map will also show you how many Void Maps you have total (including the one you're on)
  • (Non-Kongregate only)You can now send a PlayFab password reset email to yourself from the in-game menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Shift clicking a tab no longer opens a new window
  • Fixed a display issue on Firefox where perks were getting erased by tooltips in the portal screen.

3.3 - 5/27/16 Edit


  • AutoUpgrade is no longer a Scientist IV reward, and has instead been added as a reward for the first time you break the planet. AutoPrestige is still unlocked with Sci IV.
  • Scientist IV now causes Warpstations to skip the building queue and require no time to build.
  • Corruption has begun to infest worlds starting at Z181 and up. Enjoy tougher "Corrupted" enemies with helium rewards, new mechanics, further developments to the story, and tougher Void Maps/Improbability also with greater rewards!
  • Added new heirloom rarity breakpoint at Z201

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added Engineering Notation as a number formatting option
  • (Non-Kongregate only) The game now autofills your PlayFab login name and password if you checked the "remember account info" box the last time you logged in.
  • When using the "Locking" and "Confirming" settings, your purchase will still go through if you confirm during the 1 second lockout
  • Added tooltips for the 'Recycle All' and 'AutoUpgrade' buttons

Bug Fixes

  • The settings menu no longer needs to be clicked twice to close after importing from playfab
  • Bone portals should now properly trigger portal achievements instantly rather than waiting for your next full portal
  • AutoPrestige no longer ignores Arbalest/Gambeson upgrades if the equipment before it has not been unlocked yet
  • Added a block and error message to purchasing maps if you already have 100 or more. You'll still be able to get Unique or Void Maps past 100, but you'll need to recycle some if you want to purchase more. Having too many maps was causing the game to not load for some people under certain conditions.

3.231 - 5/10/16 Edit

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added tooltip to AutoPrestiges to help explain the new choices.

Bug Fixes

  • Greatly reduced lag resulting from using the import/export options.
  • Max level perk coloration is now more accurate
  • PlayFab AutoLogin on Kongregate now waits a few seconds if Kongregate hasn't had enough time to log you in, then tries again.

3.23 - 5/8/16 Edit


  • Further refined the Void Map drop rules to be considerably more forgiving if your highest zone cleared is further than you normally portal.

UI/Quality of Life

  • AutoPrestiges can now be toggled between 4 states. Off, All, Weapons Only, or Weapons First. Weapons First will not purchase armor until all available weapons have been purchased, or until the cheapest piece of armor is less than 5% of the cost of the cheapest weapon. Added a 2 second delay between toggling this setting and any prestiges being purchased.
  • AutoPrestiges is now smarter! It will now only fire after AutoUpgrades can't buy anything, and will always buy the cheapest prestige first, according to your setting.
  • Finally integrated online saving with PlayFab! This feature is in beta, and may still need some tweaking to work with everyone's situations. How it works: Go into settings and click the new blue button on the top row. A window will open where you can login to PlayFab by automatically connecting to Kongregate (if you're logged in to Kongregate), or by creating a PlayFab account with a username and password. Whenever AutoSave triggers or you click 'Save' while the new setting is enabled, a copy of your save will also be sent to PlayFab's servers for safe keeping. Trimps will automatically ask if you want to download the save from PlayFab if you ever log in on a computer that's further behind (in helium, total zones cleared, or highest zone reached) than the save on PlayFab.
  • You can now type fractions or percentages into the custom number menu to select that fraction of your available workspaces. This should work really well for hiring even amounts of workers.
  • The custom number box now remembers things exactly as you type them, so you won't have to keep typing "1/3"
  • When removing perks, if you have a higher number selected than the number of removable levels of perk, the game will remove all removable levels of perk rather than doing nothing.
  • Perks now have a tinge of blue if they're maxed out, so you can tell which are maxxed at a glance.
  • Added new Togglable setting to the Extra Map Options bar for finishing all Void Maps. This setting is only visible when running a Void Map, and if enabled will run another Void Map (if you have one) after finishing the one you're on. After finishing all Void Maps, it will leave according to your Exit setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Void maps no longer show strange item counts after attempting and abandoning.
  • Toggling 'Remove' on in a perk window now properly updates the perk colors based on what you can and can't remove

3.22 - 4/20/16 Edit


  • Reduced the attack by 15% and the health by 25% of all Bad Guys under Zone 60.
  • The damage and health scaling of the "Balance" challenge have been increased in order to keep the challenge from being affected by the above change. The new scaling is in the description, and should keep things the same as they were.
  • The unique map, "The Block" now has 130% difficulty, up from 110%. This should keep the attack damage in the map basically the same as before.
  • Megablimps now drop 45 helium, up from 30.

UI/Quality of Life

  • Your fighting group of Trimps will now upgrade themselves on the next cell after purchasing Coordination, the same way that equipment updates.
  • Added a 'Buy Max' button. You can click this button again while it's already selected to further refine this to 0.5, 0.33, 0.25, and 0.1 of max.
  • Added an extra column of buttons to maps after your first portal. This column is on by default, but can be toggled off in settings.
  • Duplicated Equip First/Tier First to the extra map buttons column.
  • Added extra map button allowing you to automatically exit a map after 10 stacks are gained.
  • Added extra map button allowing you to decide between returning to maps or returning to world after completing a map.
  • Added a new setting if you have Overkill unlocked, allowing you to track Overkills more easily.

Bug Fixes

  • Wormhole confirmation popup no longer occurs if the wormhole cannot be afforded
  • Upgrade tooltips no longer stay popped up if the mouse is no longer over an upgrade
  • The tooltip for Traps now include Bait
  • Fixed an issue where Watch wasn't correctly assigning workers at high zones
  • The upgrades tab and science menu now properly pop up at the start of a new game after completing the Scientist challenges.

3.21 - 4/7/16 Edit

UI/Quality of Life

  • You can now respec while portalling if your respec hasn't been used yet. This will ignore Coord/Carp checks.
  • Freed up some more space in the portal screen
  • Added a toggle for the 'Extra Perk Info' setting inside the portal screen
  • Clearing all perks now activates the 'Confirm' button
  • Added new statistic for people using the 3.2 perk

Bug Fixes

  • The Trimps Killed stat is now more accurate
  • The Extra Perk Info setting now properly updates on screen when choosing different purchase amounts
  • The 3.2 perk now works more reliably in a background tab

3.2 - 4/3/16 Edit


  • Added 11 new standalone achievements. Some are hidden, some require higher zones to unlock, but they're there waiting to be achieved.
  • Added Z170 unique map
  • Added Z170 challenge, which unlocks a brand new perk
  • Added 5 speedrun achievements to the new map

UI/Quality of Life

  • Numbers with large suffixes (like Qad) and exponents now fit better inside gather boxes
  • Exponents are no longer superscripted. Those were the last four, I promise.
  • Slightly brightened the blue of rare heirlooms to make them easier to read.

Bug Fixes

  • Build speed percentage now properly updates right after getting a foreman.

3.11 - 3/25/16 Edit


  • Strange resource-filled eggs have begun appearing in the world on occasion. It is rumoured that they have a rare chance to contain some pretty sweet stuff... (The eggs will disappear in about 1 week)

3.1 - 3/20/16 Edit


  • Added two new repeatable challenges, both at Z180. One is geared more towards active players, and one is geared more toward idlers.
  • The Bone Trader now offers Heirlooms

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added a confirmation message when attempting to abandon a void map
  • Added new setting to toggle between displaying the "Abandon Soldiers" message or automatically abandoning your soldiers when switching between maps and world with an active group of soldiers
  • Added new setting to show extra information on Perks, such as cost of the next level and total Helium spent on that perk
  • Assigned new color to the crit breakdown in the damage breakdown window, to help it stand out more as non-standard damage
  • Added helium spent on each perk to the perk tooltip
  • Added more info to the Balance challenge description, to help make it clear that Void Map helium counts toward the bonus helium granted by completing the challenge
  • Auto toggle settings now persist through portal
  • If a map ends while repeat map is on, but 'Abandon Soldiers' is toggled, the soldiers will be abandoned and the map will end.
  • Added Zone and Map current cell number to the Zone/Map breakdown tooltip
  • Added Helium/Hr to the helium resource box

Bug Fixes

  • Enemies during the 'Nom' challenge no longer resurrect if they die at the same time as your trimps
  • The 'Abandon Soldiers' toggle no longer persists through a save and reload (this was displaying as if it didn't save, but was still switching on soldier death if it had been toggled before the save)
  • The right side of the scroll bar works again on smaller resolutions

3.0 - 3/6/16 Edit


  • New (big) feature: Heirlooms. These have a 100% chance to drop when completing a Void Map (any time after your fifth portal).
  • Added new statistic: Total Heirlooms Earned
  • Added new statistic: Highest Void Map Completed
  • Added new group of achievements for total heirlooms earned
  • Void maps lower than Zone 60 are now easier to complete, but give less loot
  • Void maps drop formula has been reworked a tiny bit to be more forgiving about pushing to a zone higher than optimal
  • Void maps completed below Zone 60 now always use the value from Blimps when determining helium reward

UI/Quality of Life

  • Pressing enter can now confirm and close most popups
  • The confirmation button for perks now appears after removing a level as well.
  • Achievements now continue to keep track of your bests after you've already earned all achievements for that type
  • Added button to the Export popup for automatically copying the Save String to your clipboard, if your browser supports it
  • The Export popup now preselects the Save String
  • The Import popup now starts with the input area selected (and don't forget that enter can now confirm and close these for max efficiency!)
  • You can now see crit chance and crit damage in the 'Attack Breakdown' that opens when you click your Trimps' attack
  • Added fourth tier of flavor text to the achievements screen for having a ton of achievements

Bug Fixes

  • Moved the information after breaking the planet to a tooltip, fixing some display issues
  • Bone boosts and jest/chronoimp are now properly taking the Meditate challenge into account

2.9 - 2/21/16 Edit


  • New feature: Void Maps. These will begin to drop from Bad Guys in the World (very rarely) after your fifth portal. All enemies in Void Maps have a random buff (decided by the map name prefix) and a high difficulty. Void Maps scale in level to your current zone number, growing in level as you progress through zones. Completing a Void Map will reward you with 2x the helium that you would get from completing your current zone, and will instantly destroy the map (you can save them for later zones for greater difficulty but greater reward). The buffs and the reward stack with repeatable helium challenges for a greater challenge but greater reward, if completed before the end of a challenge. Void maps must be completed in one session without returning back to the map chamber, or their progress will reset.
  • If you can complete a Void Map above Zone 150, you will find a fancy new reward.
  • AutoFight now triggers at 100% rather than 97.5%. The third toggle option from the 'Extra Breed Timer' setting has been removed. This means you will have extra Trimps breeding after each AutoFight send, which means your soldiers will always breed faster.

UI/Quality of Life

  • Speedrun achievements no longer display on your first run ever, unless you accidentally complete one. This was causing some confusion, as it's tough to explain that the timer starts from portal before portal has been unlocked.

Bug Fixes

  • The max resources breakdown was displaying packrat as 100% higher than it should have, and no longer does that.
  • The max trimps breakdown was incorrect during the Size challenge, and has been corrected

2.82 - 2/7/16 Edit


  • Added Scientist IV challenge at Z110
  • Added repeatable helium challenge at Z40

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added new stat for "Best Helium/Hour this Run". This will log your

highest helium/hour for your current run, as well as which zone you were at when it was at its highest.

  • Some tweaks to the dark theme
  • Map name breakdown icons are also now in the same order as the other map stats.
  • If you have AutoSave enabled, the game will now save as soon as you pause
  • Advanced map sliders/biome selection now persist through save and reset on portal

Bug Fixes

  • MagnetoShriek now stays on Improbabilities if you switch to maps and back

2.811 - 1/28/16 Edit

UI/Quality of Life

  • Some tweaks to the dark theme

Bug Fixes

  • 'Crushed' icon now properly resets after completing the challenge.
  • Removed Jestimp from loot averaging calculations. The Jestimp is just too random to be able to meaningfully average its loot, and was causing big spikes in numbers.
  • Made a few other tweaks to the averaging calculations.

2.81 - 1/24/16 Edit


  • New repeatable challenge at Z125
  • New repeatable challenge at Z165
  • Added 10 new story messages, up to Z170
  • Buffed 'Tricky Paradise', the first map you earn at zone 6. Map biome has been changed to Gardens, difficulty has been reduced from 110% to 85%, and the size of the map has been increased from 40 to 45.
  • Removed the cap on Coordinated

UI/Quality of Life

  • Made some changes to the mechanics of the loot averaging setting. It now takes samples in 3 second chunks, causing the numbers to be less jumpy.
  • Average loot setting now also works on Fragments
  • Implemented the ability to switch themes, and added a new theme which was made by u/Grabarz19. You can find this theme in the setting used to switch to the black background.
  • The Bone Trader now loads on Kongregate even if the API did not load, and instead gives a message on the bone trader that the API is not loaded.
  • Changed the order on the advanced map stats setting so that it matches the order of the slider bars
  • When using the settings 'From 100%' or 'From AutoFight' for displaying extra breed timer information, the primary default breeding timer will gain an extra decimal of precision.

Bug Fixes

  • The item counter in maps now counts multiple tiers of the same item
  • The breeding timers should now be more accurate
  • Rewards from Chronoimp and Jestimp now count towards the loot averaging setting
  • The bonus granted by Meditation now counts towards Chronoimp and Jestimp loot, as well as Bone Trader boosts
  • Cleaned up a few lingering UI problems. The resource column that displays gems, fragments, and helium should remain lined up on all resolutions now. Also, the message log has had a few visual improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with certain text colors not properly resetting on portal
  • Dominance formation upgrade no longer has a random '50' in the middle of the description

2.8 - 1/10/16 Edit


  • The new level 125 unique map that was added in 2.74 now has a reward

or two. The reward for the unique map at Z125 also has a reward or two. The reward for the reward for the unique map at Z125 also has a reward or two. And so on. (Some infinitely scaling content).

  • Recycling maps now refunds 1/4th of the base cost of its level in fragments (up from 1 fragment).

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added a "Recycle Below" button to the maps screen. Clicking this button will recycle all maps that are a lower level than the set map creation level (after a confirmation message).
  • Mousing over the Zone or Map Name Box now shows you how long you have been on your current zone as well as some info about your map if you're in maps.
  • Added a new option, which allows you to toggle on or off extra

data on each map, so that you can tell what kind of map you made without selecting it.

  • The tooltip solution from the last patch made them too large on

smaller resolutions, so they've been redesigned once again. The new default placement is very similar to where it was before (though better at staying on screen, and better size scaling for smaller resolutions), but there is also a new option (on the top row of settings, next to the disable tooltips), where you can change the default placement location.

  • Now that the tooltips are more reliable, added real tooltips for formations.
  • Also added real tooltips for all buff/debuff icons.
  • Added an extra decimal of precision to the extra breed timer setting.
  • Added a setting to disable the fade-in effect on UI elements.
  • Added an experimental setting which takes the average last 2 minutes of food, wood, metal, and gems gained from loot, and adds them to display calculations for resources per second. This will give you a more accurate time estimation for storages filling and for tooltip time calculations if you are earning a bunch of loot from maps and the world.

Bug Fixes

  • Keys from the prison now only drop the first time ever clearing The Prison. (they haven't done anything since they were dropped as a per run requirement to start Electricity).
  • Pausing the game no longer ruins the helium per hour stat.
  • Achievements should no longer flow out of the achievement window.
  • The settings button tooltips are now much more stable in Firefox.
  • Delete save works again.

2.751 - 1/4/16 Edit

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added third toggle option to the secondary timer setting. You can now toggle between off, displaying the time to breed to 100%, or displaying the time to breed to the AutoFight threshold.

2.75 - 12/30/15 Edit


  • Added new perk and challenge at zone 45
  • Golimp fragment drop chance has increased from 10% to 20%
  • Wormhole housing increase increased by 50%
  • After completing Scientist I, you now also start the game with 10 traps.
  • Presimpts have left until next year

UI/Quality of Life

  • Added Pause setting. Clicking this will totally pause the game, halting everything including achievement timers and offline progress.
  • Added setting to display total time required to breed a full group of Trimps on the Trimp breed bar.
  • Added setting to disable alert popups when you unlock new things.
  • Added setting to disable background image
  • Removed settings' descriptions from underneath each setting, and moved them in to tooltips. (I needed more room for settings)
  • Clicking the resource owned / max numbers for food, wood, and metal now displays a breakdown of how max resources are calculated.

Bug Fixes

  • Rewrote the math for placing tooltips on the screen. They should no longer fall off the bottom or the right side in any situation.

2.74 - 12/17/15 Edit


  • Gigastations now drop every 5 levels through zone 170, then transition to every 10 levels for 180+. (Up from transitioning to every 10 levels at 130. Extra Gigastations for all!)
  • Completing the 'Nom' challenge now gives 3x helium, up from 2x.
  • The spawn rate of Turkimps has been halved, but they are now a permanent bad guy.
  • Presimpts have begun randomly appearing around the planet, giving out free resources. If you're lucky, you might even find a bone! Presimpts will be here for two weeks. For real this time.
  • Titimps now stack up to 45 seconds, if you have some time left on one when you kill the next one (similar to how Turkimps work)
  • Added new Unique Map which drops from Z125+ maps
  • Added speed run achievements and a bunch of bad guys to the new map (there's no drop or challenge associated yet, but you just might find it worth farming)

UI/Quality of Life

  • Statistics now update once per second if on the stats screen
  • The Warpstation tooltip now shows you how many Warpstations you purchased before your last Gigastation

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox update 43 has caused an issue with Trimps and users who have disabled 3rd party cookies. While I can't override Firefox security settings, there is now a check for this on load, and a message informing you how to fix it if this issue is preventing saving/loading.
  • Alerts on new drops no longer disappear when you get a drop in the same category
  • Mapology now properly unlocks at reaching zone 150, instead of on clearing zone 150.

2.721 - 12/3/15 Edit

UI/Quality of Life

  • Shieldblock has been added to the list of scary purchases if you have been further than zone 30. This means that it will make a confirmation pop-up if you have the scary purchase setting enabled.
  • Speed run achievements now unlock one map in to the future. Eg: On your first playthrough, you can see achievements for Speed: The Wall once you are a high enough level to unlock The Block
  • The details of each speed run achievement can now be viewed even before the previous tier has been unlocked. Eg: You can now see the time required for the pink Prison speed run achievements before finishing the green ones.
  • Added option to toggle off the confirmation message at the bone trader
  • The fight tooltip Trimp number is now prettier
  • Combat log trimp death numbers are now prettier

Bug Fixes

  • Purchasing new equipment with points in 'Coordinated' while in combat now properly updates your stats without Trimps needing to die first
  • The fight tooltip Trimp number is now correct when you have points in Coordinated
  • The display number for science is no longer incorrect when gathering there with 'Well Fed' active
  • The zone indicator box no longer says that you have a map bonus directly after a portal (this was a display issue only)
  • If you make it back up to 60 without refreshing after portalling, your last used formation no longer displays as active (this was a display issue only)
  • Zone achievements now unlock at the proper level (instead of one early)
  • Portal achievements now unlock at the proper portal (instead of one late)
  • Resource timers should no longer ever say "60 seconds" in any situation
  • Time until max on resources no longer shows anything if full


  • While not a change, I just wanted to inform everyone that the Turkimps will stick around for a few more weeks. I like the mechanic, others have expressed that they liked the mechanic, and I am looking for a good way to make it a permanent feature before carving them out.

2.72 - 11/28/15 Edit


  • Added 111 achievements!
  • Added new statistic - Total Gems Earned
  • The wall now has a named Boss

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with "Planets Broken" stat.
  • Fixed issue where an extra space would sometimes weasel its way in to the numbers underneath upgrades. Eg: ( +2) instead of (+2)

2.71 - 11/23/15 Edit


  • Added new challenge/perk at Zone 115.
  • Turkimps now spawn more frequently.

Bug Fix:

  • The Map Bonus Indicator on the Maps Button no longer shows information from last run if you portal from a map.

2.701 - 11/20/15 Edit

Bug Fixes:

  • Best helium/hour stat should now always properly save.
  • Whipimp and Venimp were displaying their percentages incorrectly, and were talked to about it.
  • Lengths of time greater than 60 seconds in the tooltips are now more accurate.
  • The Bone Trader button now updates after spending bones.

2.7 - 11/18/15 Edit


  • Turkimps are running wild around the Trimp home world. You'll find one about every other zone. They're tasty.
  • The rewards from the slow challenge have been improved
  • Story messages now go up to 145 (11 new ones)
  • Within the next week, there will be a new late game challenge/perk

UI / Quality of Life Stuff:

  • Statistics now store for total and for current run! Current run stats will start for your game as soon as you refresh on this patch, and all old stats will be moved to the total tab.
  • Total Helium Earned in stats no longer counts helium spent on Wormholes. A separate stat has been added to see how much you spend on Wormholes.
  • Whipimps and Venimps now display the total amount that they're helping you out by, rather than just saying 0.3%.
  • Bone Trader button now shows how many bones you have
  • Reworked how tooltips handle infinity. It's less obnoxious now
  • Biome is now saved with the other custom map settings
  • Added indicator for how many map bonus stacks you've earned, which is visible while you're inside maps.
  • The Map Chamber zone indicator (the grey box in the top left that shows zone level and stuff) now always shows current zone number and map bonus %.
  • Updated this update log, that counts right?

Bug Fixes:

  • Titimp now responds properly to purchasing new weapons while he is active
  • The timers in tooltips were off by one second. They now say there's one second left when there's actually one second left
  • 'Map Loot' in the loot break down was showing 100% higher than it should have, and is not doing that any more.
  • Bone trader 'Buy Portal' description is now 73% more accurate
  • Fixed floating point error that had infiltrated the custom number box, and would occasionally cause large numbers to be slightly less than intended.

2.601 - 11/6/15 Edit

  • Created some more room by the Trimps stats in the battle window. This should prevent buffs from falling in to two lines on smaller resolutions.
  • Used a different shade of grey for buffs/debuffs to make them stand out better
  • Map slider values now save for your session
  • The bonus from Titimp now correctly applies to weapons purchased before the current fighting group of Trimps dies
  • Quick Trimps and Golden Maps bone trader options now properly reset back to being purchasable after using the portal without requiring a page refresh
  • Added "Best He/Hour All Runs" statistic. This won't show up until your first portal after this patch.
  • Pressing 1-4 while holding control/command no longer changes formations

2.6 - 11/4/15 Edit

  • Added new challenge at Z130 with a new type of reward
  • Added new repeatable challenge at Z145
  • If you can't afford a particular resource, the tooltip now shows you the time until you have enough, instead of a percentage above 100. If you can afford the resource, you still see the percentage of your owned resources that the item will take like before.
  • Added little tiny present icon near the bad guy stats box. Clicking this little present icon brings up a breakdown of how loot is calculated, which was also added today. You can use the buttons at the top to switch between food/wood/metal, gems, and fragments.
  • Your map repeat setting now carries over through portals
  • Added support for the numpad to switch formations
  • Added new words for when Trimps and bad guys die in the message log
  • Scientist Challenges now show up on the recently added preview screen
  • Pumpkimps have gone in to hiding until next year. Don't worry though, there will be something for Thanksgiving later this month!

2.51 - 10/30/15 Edit

  • Note: There will also be a content patch within the next week! However, this stuff didn't need balance testing and I figured people would want it ASAP, so here you go!
  • Added statistics! Better late than never, right? If there are more stats you'd like to see, let me know! Some of the stats have been recording for a while, some of them are starting fresh today. I can also now easily add new ones!
  • On the portal screen, you can now see one challenge in to the future. You won't be able to see the description or rewards until it is unlocked, but you'll be able to see the name and how you unlock it. This will hopefully make it easier to set goals for runs!
  • Fixed display of fight control buttons when running a map on smaller screen resolutions so they don't get pushed out of the window
  • Alert icons should no longer push stuff where it shouldn't go on smaller resolutions
  • The game now recovers from your computer going to sleep with more grace

2.5 - 10/21/15 Edit

  • For the next couple of weeks, Pumpkimps have infiltraded the world and maps. They Trick or Treat.
  • New Mechanic: Map Bonus - Whenever you complete a max level map (if your highest zone this run is 40, you need to do a level 40 map), you will gain a 20% stacking additive damage bonus to your Trimps in the world (stacks up to 10 times). This bonus is cleared when you travel to the next zone. This bonus is available at every level!
  • Added Scientist III challenge to zone 90!
  • Barrier formation now also reduces the amount of block that enemies can pierce when the planet is broken by half (from 20% to 10%).
  • Added 4 new Exotic Imports! 3 live in maps, one lives in the world.
    • Magnimp (world) - Each time a Magnimp dies, a powerful magnetic field forms around your Trimps, increasing the amount of resources gained when looting in maps or zones by 0.3%. This works like the Looting perk, but compounds and does not work on helium.
    • Jestimp (maps) - Each time a Jestimp dies, black magic surges through the air and instantly grants 45 seconds of production for either Food, Wood, Metal, Gems, Fragments, or Science, chosen randomly. This works like the boosts where currently assigned workers are used in the calculation, but this scales with map loot bonuses, motivation, and looting. (Exactly 45 seconds of real production * loot bonuses)
    • Chronoimp (maps) - Each time a Chronoimp dies, a space-time anomaly forms which instantly grants 5 seconds of production for Food, Wood, Metal, Science, Gems (if Dragimps are unlocked), and Fragments (if explorers are unlocked). This calculates the same way as Jestimp.
    • Titimp (maps) - Each time a Titimp falls, your Trimps are blessed with the gift of the Titimp which increases their damage by 100% for 30 seconds. This effect is lost when leaving maps, and refreshes duration if another Titimp is killed.
  • Added toggle option to switch to the old equipment prestige unlock order. Who am I to say which order is best? Do it yourself! 'Equipment First' means that all of one type of equipment will drop first (Shield II -> Shield III -> Shield IV, old method), 'Tier First' means that a whole tier will drop before moving to the next (Shield II -> Dagger II -> Boots II, new method). Changing this option applies to the next map that is generated.
  • Battle Territory Bonus and Tauntimp messages in the log now take Carpentry in to account when showing the amount of Trimps gained. This did not change any actual calculations or gameplay, just the display in the message log.
  • Added time until full timer for Trimps breeding.
  • Speedscience no longer drops during Scientist challenges. After the challenge is completed, you'll get them back.

2.401 - 10/12/15 Edit

  • Cleaned up an issue with Agility, increasing speed a tiny bit and making the calculation more accurate to the description
  • The health bonus from Geneticists now calculates based off of the lowest amount of Geneticists you had while that group of Trimps was breeding. For example, if you buy 100 Geneticists for most of the breed time, then buy 300 more at the very end to try to boost health, your Trimps will only get credit for 100. This should remove the need to buy a ton of Geneticists, then fire them for each group of soldiers.

2.4 - 10/7/15 Edit

  • Added new challenge at Zone 120, and added new perk as a reward. It's a pretty sweet perk, if I do say so myself.
  • Added new togglable option to lock out all upgrades, buildings, equipment, and jobs for 1 second after unlocking something new. This will help people who go to click something right as something new unlocks, and end up buying the wrong thing. This option defaults to off.
  • The custom number button now includes support for typing things such as "5e6" or "5M" to quickly get 5 million.
  • Pressing enter while the custom number menu is up now submits that number.
  • Tooltips now update the price percentage and affordability colors in real time.
  • Tauntimp now grants 0.3% extra max Trimps instead of 1/3rd of Zone number.
  • Feyimps now can spawn starting at world 1.
  • Housing structure tooltips now include Carpentry in their calculations
  • Job tooltips now include Motivation in their calculations
  • Gigastation now drops every 10 levels starting at 140 and continuing until the end of time.
  • Improved the message log. Scrolling up a bit now stops the log from auto scrolling down each time something is added.
  • Equipment upgrades from maps now unlock in order.
  • The bonus to storage size granted by packrat has been doubled, from 10% per level to 20% per level.

2.32 - 10/1/15 Edit

  • Reduced the penalty for running maps lower than your current zone level. Before, the loot was reduced by 20% per level from the average gain at that level. Now, you will see only a strict 20% reduction per level and higher rewards.
  • Updated description for Goblimp and Feyimp to reflect new values (higher than before)

2.31 - 9/26/15 Edit

  • Added new challenge at zone 100
  • Unique maps now display as green if you haven't earned the unique upgrade that they offer yet. After you earn the upgrade, they turn back to red. This should help to remember to get Portal and Bounty.
  • Picking a biome in the map creator now increases total cost by 2X, down from 4X.

2.3 - 9/23/15 Edit

  • Added new challenge at zone 70
  • Added new perk from new challenge
  • Added new job at 70 that synergizes with the new perk.
  • Loot rewards now give about 3.5 seconds worth of production for food, wood, and metal before looting/map loot bonuses (5 seconds after zone 100). The 3.5 seconds is average across all of your gathering Trimps, so it won't be exactly 3.5 seconds depending on your ratio of farmers/lumberjacks/miners. Map loot goes by your average resource gain at the level of the map, but will decrease by 20% for every level lower than your world the map is. This is a buff to some zones, not a buff for others, but map loot is now stable and meaningful throughout the game. This is hopefully the final zone/map resource overhaul.
  • Gem loot from maps, world, and imps now also increased to always stay close to tributes.
  • Added boss to Trimple Of Doom who drops 4x food compared to a normal square, but is stronger than a Snimp.
  • You no longer have to clear The Prison every single run in order to unlock Electricity. One time is enough.
  • Buildings, jobs, and upgrades unlock to the same position they would go to on save load. Rearranged some buildings and upgrades to keep them close to like-minded individuals.
  • Added hotkeys for formations. You can now press X, H, D, B, or 1, 2, 3, 4 to switch.
  • Added colors to perks based on purchasability
  • Changed the way numbers display when purchasing perks. If you have 6 levels in a perk already confirmed then go to add 1 more, instead of saying "0 (+7)" like before, it will show "7 (+1)". The first number will be the total level after you press confirm, and the parenthesized number will be how many are not yet confirmed.
  • Perk price no longer displays in the tooltip if you're at the max
  • Made a few alignment tweaks with the UI
  • The Save Import feature now can detect and remove whitespace and line breaks automatically, fixing issues for some people who were saving their export in weird text editors or emailing their saves and stuff.
  • Added indicator to the save button which lets you know at a glance if autosave is on or off
  • Added Gigastation to the list of "dangerous upgrades", so like wormhole it now has a confirmation popup that can be disabled in the settings.
  • Almost every addition in this patch is a suggestion from the communities at Reddit and Kongregate. You guys are awesome and keep me motivated to continue giving this game love. Thanks for all of the support.

2.213 - 9/14/15 Edit

  • Added a third mode for the progress bar setting called "Performance Bars". This setting will still display the bars, but disable the smooth animation. This will bring the CPU load down to about the same as disabling the bars if you need it, but you can still see them if that's your thing.

2.212 - 9/12/15 Edit

  • Added new option to disable progress bar animations
  • Optimized the number and bar updating from battles to reduce CPU usage
  • Added a confirmation pop-up to Wormholes, and added an option to disable this confirmation if you don't like it.
  • Added some placeholder '0's to the time since last portal clock
  • A few bug fixes for small display issues

2.211 - 9/12/15 Edit

  • The tooltips setting now includes formations, and the description has been changed to say that it affects button tooltips
  • Added option to disable the menu number formatting I added in the last patch
  • Made the settings button text more visible on laptop resolutions

2.21 - 9/11/15 Edit

  • I didn't change the What's New button color because I like this one and think it's pretty obvious there was a patch.
  • Added 'Settings' button to the bar at the bottom. Click it to show/hide some extra settings
  • Added 3 new settings and moved autosave, notation, and delete save to settings menu. I can now easily add more settings and options to this menu, let me know if there's something you'd like to be able to turn off or on! (Not including people, sorry)
  • Building and job numbers are now formatted
  • Added time since last portal counter
  • Using bones on helium now properly adds the helium to the total helium earned counter

2.2 - 9/9/15 Edit

  • Changed icons for a few items
  • While a few items from maps and the world had descriptions or titles when you moused over them before, now everything does!
  • Further increased loot rewards from 60+ maps. The map you're running must be within 3 levels of the zone you're on to receive this bonus.
  • Added a new Unique Map which can be found in any level 80+ normal map
  • Clearing the new Unique Map will unlock a new, longer, hopefully awesome challenge. This challenge is repeatable and rewards helium instead of a perk. The new map must be cleared each run in order to activate the challenge.
  • Gymystic now drops once every 25 zones from 75-150
  • Gigastations now drop every 5 zones from 90-130 (Up from every 10 zones through 120)
  • Gave some more space to the custom button
  • Rewrote the Agility perk tooltip to hopefully make more sense

2.111 - 9/3/15 Edit

  • Bug fix for total helium earned counter

2.11 - 9/2/15 Edit

  • Added 'Scientist II' challenge to Zone 50, allowing upgrade to the new and shiny Mk. III Portal
  • Added total helium earned counter to portal and view perks menus
  • Respeccing your perks no longer automatically clears all of your perks. Added a 'Clear All' button to the respec screen. (You can now just remove points from one perk without wiping everything if you want)
  • The 'Custom' number button has been split in half. The left half, when clicked, will automatically switch to the last custom number you entered without the input popup. The right half will bring up the input popup like before.
  • Food, wood, and metal that drop from the world and maps are now more plentiful. This new number takes your maximum Trimp population in to account when scaling loot rewards, to try and stay valuable compared to gathering. This is not yet perfect at every stage of the game (still a little low late game), but is a good starting place and I will be continuing to work on it over the next few weeks.
  • Boosted map loot rewards from most of the unique maps
  • Added extra tooltips where people were looking for extra info

2.1 - 8/25/15 Edit

  • Added 4 new upgrades to maps between Zones 18 and 47, all of which boost housing
  • After the first time you ever complete Dimension of Anger, you will automatically receive helium for each Blimp at Zone 21 and above. You will still have to clear Dimension of Anger to unlock portal, but will no longer miss helium if you AFK through 20+
  • If you do not have enough Max Trimps for Coordination, the message now lets you know how short you are.
  • Tauntimp is no longer fast, and now attacks second.
  • Added shiny loot text for exotic imports, and you can now continue to see the imports already unlocked from inside the bone trader screen.
  • Added new challenge which is available the first time you unlock Portal, and added new cheap/low level perk as reward.
  • The Metal challenge now unlocks at 25 instead of on your second Portal
  • Renovated the layout of the Portal/Challenge screen
  • Challenges are now grey after they've been completed
  • In the View Perks menu while on a challenge, you can now see which challenge you are on and what you're supposed to do
  • You can now purchase more than 1 perk at a time
  • You can now remove 1 or more levels of a perk that has been added since your last commit (if you make a mistake, you can remove that point without starting over)
  • If you do not have enough max Trimps for Coordination, the button will grey out, and the information about how many Trimps you need is now placed in the tooltip instead of a log message.
  • Gigastation now drops less frequently past zone 70, and stops at zone 120 to allow room for new content
  • Bug fixes

2.01 - 8/23/15 Edit

  • Bug fixes
  • Some slight balance tweaks to enemy damage/hp scale rate past 60 and the new housing unit

2.0 "Broken Planet" - 8/22/15Edit

  • Your scientists have detected an anomaly at the end of Zone 59. Destroying the anomaly will wreak havoc on your planet.
  • New Zone 60+ content including 8 new upgrades, a huge shift in battle mechanics, 3 "formations", a new challenge/perk, a new infinitely upgradable housing building, and vastly increased rewards at the end of each zone.
  • Removed the cap on the custom number button, made the game much faster at handling and calculating large purchases
  • Soldier Trimps can now pick up new equipment in between battles to gain benefit without having to die first
  • Redesigned the battle info panel to be way easier to read and hopefully look nicer with no overlap on all screen sizes
  • Your highest amount of helium earned in one portal is now stored and offered as a replacement to the old Bone Trader Helium calculation once that number is higher. This updates after using the portal, and does not include helium spent on Wormholes
  • The last Gymystic drop is now at 55. The later ones have been replaced by more exciting things.
  • Added 17 new story messages
  • Bone trader window now opens instantly instead of fading in
  • Added icons for Bad guys that have first srike or other active bonuses.
  • Some text and spacing fixes in the log
  • Bug fixes

1.1 - 8/15/15 Edit

  • Added information to max trimps. Click your total Trimps to see this information.
  • Prestiging your equipment now includes the cost of the level 1 item, and reduces the equipment to level 1 instead of 0.
  • New upgrade for Gyms drops at zone 25, and then every 5 levels after that. If you were at or past zone 25 when this patch came out, the appropriate amount of upgrades will be unlocked for you automatically.
  • Added new housing building to zone 50 maps.

1.096 - 8/13/15 Edit

  • Note: I'm working on a lot of 'quality of life' and UI patches this week. I'm waiting for the dust to settle from the two new perks, then I'll be shifting back towards content additions where they are needed
  • You can now see how long it will take for your storages to fill up
  • Changed some of the color shades of the progress bars to make text easier to read
  • Redid the design of the buildings queue to no longer use a progress bar. This gives some extra space to the large menu below it, and is hopefully way less obnoxious once your building speed gets high.
  • Made buttons more readable

1.095 - 8/12/15 Edit

  • Added stat breakdown for Block, Attack and Health, which can be opened by clicking your Trimps' block, attack or health.
  • Completing the Scientist challenge now gives one additional reward. If you have already completed this challenge, you don't need to do it again.
  • Buildings progress bar now properly resets after portal

1.094 - The Next Day But Still Technically 8/10/15 Edit

  • Added a ton of information if you click the "+#/sec" text for food, wood, metal, science, gems, fragments, and trimps. If you haven't used the portal since 1.093, these numbers may or may not be slightly inaccurate until you portal.
  • Speedminer no longer drops during the Metal challenge. If you abandon or complete the challenge, you'll instantly unlock all of the books you missed.
  • Wormhole now spawns at 37 instead of 35 and has bold text in the tooltip warning that it costs helium.
  • Made it more obvious that the reset button is a hard-reset
  • The "Maps/World" button now takes you to the Map Chamber instead of The World if you're in a map when you click it.
  • Fixed issue with buildings queue not properly refunding certain items in stacks
  • The number of Trimps fighting no longer prematurely updates when purchasing coordination
  • You no longer sometimes lose a random group of available Trimps when purchasing coordination
  • Switching from the maps chamber to maps or the world will properly update your stats before the battle begins if auto-battle is off.

1.093 - 8/10/15 Edit

  • Relentlessness no longer shows that you crit if your Trimps die before getting the crit off.
  • If you try to purchase more workers than your currently available workspaces, the game will now attempt to fill your workspaces out (if you can still afford the resource cost) instead of just failing.
  • Increased the amount of gems from maps and Dragimps (the ones that spawn in zones). Feyimp is now closer to 10X a gem square from a map of the same level when taking into account all factors. This won't ever be exactly 10x, as the loot bonus varies between maps.
  • Bug fixes.

1.092 - 8/9/15Edit

  • Added new challenge which becomes accessible once you've reached zone 40. This gives something different than a perk.
  • Added confirmation tooltip to the 'abandon challenge' button.

1.091 - 8/7/15Edit

  • Added bone trader to Kongregate. See the forums for more details.

1.09 - 8/6/15Edit

  • Added two 'Challenges'. The first is unlocked at your second portal, the second is unlocked at 35. Now that the groundwork has been done, if people enjoy these I will make more.
  • Added two new perks as rewards for the challenges.

1.081 - 8/4/15Edit

  • Cleared out many of the smaller bugs that have been around for a while, such as the map borders sticking, certain numbers not resetting after portal, and other small fixes. Thank you to everyone on Kongregate and Reddit who have been reporting bugs.
  • Reworded Relentlessness tooltip
  • The Block now drops from level 11 maps, regardless of shield level. The block is now a level 11 map, but the difficulty has been reduced so it should feel about the same, but give more loot
  • Packrat now gives 10% storage space per level, up from 5.

1.08 - 8/1/15Edit

  • You can now spend leftover helium in the 'View Perks' menu without using a respec. I'm sorry it hasn't always been like this.
  • Added new type of building to maps at or around 23
  • Added some more information to tooltips
  • Added new Unique Map with a new type of drop to 33
  • Recycling a map no longer clears your advanced map settings
  • Gems and fragments now generate while offline
  • Wormhole now teleports your Trimps to planets capable of housing more Trimps, and has been redesigned by top scientists to use less helium
  • New rare bad guys, Skeletimp and Megaskeletimp now roam the worlds. They'll drop something fun soon.
  • Added a few more story messages
  • Standardized the first map you receive

1.07 - 7/25/15Edit

  • Maps created are categorized as loot instead of notices
  • New late game housing building
  • Mansions now give +10 max Trimps, up from +8
  • Wood and food cost on houses has been swapped. It felt like wood was too high in demand when houses are being built. It still makes sense, you need food in houses for them to eat and stuff.
  • Gems now drop in higher quantities at higher frequencies from maps.
  • Hotels now appear a level earlier
  • Reduced the prestige scaling cost of equipment
  • Added a new thing around zone 15 from maps
  • Coordination requires 3x your current soldiers, down from 4. Added more info to the message stating how many Trimps you need for the next level if you can't afford it.
  • Added new perk that increases fight speed, but has a cap. It gives -5% speed that compounds/deprecates each time. At the cap (20 stacks), it will increase fight speed by 65%.

1.06 - 7/22/15Edit

  • Fragments are now categorized as loot instead of upgrades
  • Fragment drops scale based on zone
  • Cost of creating maps scales based on level being created
  • Loot, size, difficulty, and biome can now be adjusted, granting less randomness for extra fragments.
  • Remade the buttons in the maps select area to eat up less space and look nicer on more resolutions
  • Workspaces text now fits on one line on hopefully all resolutions

1.05 - 7/21/15Edit

  • Added new upgrade that teaches foremen how to be less lazy when there's nothing to build.
  • Custom number field gets automatically preselected, pressing the escape key closes tooltips (Thanks to Stevie-O!)
  • Added new bad guy to watery regions.
  • Fixed the map repeat and auto fight buttons not properly resetting.

1.04 - 7/18/15Edit

  • Added ability to create maps at different levels. Note that I am still working on an optional, more advanced map creation UI and better filters/recycling, but I finished this part and figured people would enjoy it, so here it is!
  • Seirimp's loot has been brought down just a hair to make it feel less like you have to farm mountains. Once the advanced maps UI is in place and it's easier to get a map you want, I will add more farmable bad guys to specific biomes.

1.03 - 7/16/15Edit

  • Added new perk - Packrat - which increases the amount of stuff you can fit in Barns, Forges, and Sheds.
  • Added new bad guy to mountainous regions
  • Added a few new housing options for all you late gamers
  • Weapon damage now scales closer to health when prestiging your equipment. This change should apply retroactively!

1.02 - 7/14/15Edit

  • Added more information about prestiges to the upgrade tooltips. I want to see if this helps retain the strategy of choosing when to prestige without getting surprised.
  • Added more maps that drop food and wood
  • Added Grimps to guard the forests, just in case
  • Different bad guys have different stats, bosses have some extra health
  • Fixed bug with Tribute
  • Fixed issue causing metal to randomly reset to 0
  • The custom number field now remembers the last number you put in it
  • Fixed import/export box being off screen on some resolutions

1.01 - 7/13/15Edit

  • Increased spawn rate of resources in maps
  • Added option to reset your portal bonuses. You can reset once per run.
  • Clicking cancel after choosing portal bonuses reverts your selections.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs and exploits

1.0 - 7/12/15Edit

  • Bumped up the rewards from battle a bit.
  • So many bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with upgrades not spawning in the right spot
  • Fixed a bug with post-upgrade shields, reduced value a bit
  • Buildings queue handles multiple purchases much more gracefully
  • Fixed prestige values and costs
  • Messages are color coded a little better now. I think these colors stand out well on the background and are easy to read, but if someone has trouble reading them let me know.
  • Added offline progress for food, wood, and metal.
  • Changed barns, sheds, and forge to increase your max by 100%, price is the same.
  • Switched back to tabs for the purchase area. The filters didn't really make sense here.
  • Bug fixes
  • Added a new way to get block after world 10. I don't want to spoil it. But it's there.
  • Added a few more soft reset rewards
  • Finished implementing soft reset. Finally.
  • All of the content additions I had planned are now implemented. The next few days will be all balance and bug fixes before 1.0
  • Increased later game block upgrades, lowered growth rate of Gym cost.
  • Implemented most of the soft reset rewards.
  • Added a 'boss' mob to the end of certain worlds. He drops extra stuff.
  • Added ability to give loot drops to certain mobs. Dragimps now drop some gems.
  • Numbers lower than 10,000 no longer turn into K. It was actually longer.
  • Added support for unrecyclable story maps. Added 1 unique map that cannot be recycled.
  • Added button that allows maps to repeat automatically.
  • Improved battle control buttons. Repeat maps and AutoBattle buttons now show as green when enabled, red when disabled.
  • Fixed bug that was causing stacked upgrades to not properly display how many stacks there were.
  • Completely rewrote formulas for equipment prestiging. Shield still needs a little love (I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it yet), but the numbers and costs should scale nicely throughout the game now.
  • More balance tweaks
  • Not every upgrade earned from maps has to spawn in the last cell any longer. There will now be more than 1 upgrade in some maps, which should give players a little more freedom should they not want to grind the same level map 4 times.
  • Reduced the wait time to start a new cell if Trimps win a fight (from 1 second to 0.1 seconds). It now takes 1.1 seconds to move through a cell if you one shot the bad guy, down from 2
  • The attack, damage, block, and status bars of the battle screen now properly update when loading a new game or switching to exponential notation
  • Spent some time with my monitor resolution set as low as it would go and made the new layout compatible with smaller monitors. If the game does not display right on your monitor, please let me know your resolution and browser and I will fix it!
  • Redesigned the map chamber. I'll come back later and see if I can color it up a bit, but it's way less confusing and way more functional now.
  • Map chamber now also shows the amount of items available from each map as well as the map's native resource
  • Fixed the grid display issues for real in maps.
  • Scientific notation now uses less space and looks better
  • New job: explorer
  • Thar be Dragimps... a new upgrade, world unlock, and structure
  • Random Death Text
  • Battle grid now uses lists instead of a table. This should hopefully fix issues with areas not properly displaying.
  • Game now switches automatically to exponential notation instead of "++" if numbers get too high (Thanks CuAnnan!)
  • Added settings button to swap from standard to exponential notation
  • Equipment can now be purchased in bulk
  • Added 'custom' number button to purchasing options
  • Rearranged the buttons for battle control
  • Different map locations now have different types of primary resources. Mountains have metal, forests have wood, etc.
  • Added new enemy types and defined new map locations for them
  • Fixed issues with Internet Explorer
  • Numerous small bug fixes
  • Added a check to make sure that save files were properly written, and an alert for the player if a problem is detected
  • Rewrote the way the game calculates prices for purchases of more than 1 item at a time, hopefully causing way less lag
  • Made the tabs in the "Buy Column" function similarly to those of the message log.
  • Old messages now get pruned, hopefully causing less lag
  • Structures can now be purchased in bulk, with the exception of Forge, Shed, and Barn.
  • Equipment has found a new home
  • "Buy Column" buttons waste less space
  • Messages waste less space
  • Other things I forgot to write down
  • Barn, forge, and shed have been rethought. Each structure costs 25% of your current maximum of the resource it increases (barns cost 25% of your max food, etc), and they increase that resource by 50%
  • Major balance changes. Coordination no longer doubles, but scales at a rate of +10%, rounded up.
  • Resources earned from battle are balanced in the long run, though they are way too prevalent early game
  • Added some more foundation for increased mob types
  • Fragments work more like currency now
  • Lots of framework changes to help make balance easier

0.06 - 5/30/15Edit

  • Fixed bug where structures earned in maps were unlocking more often than intended
  • Fixed Battleaxe prestige bug
  • Added 2 new housing structures to maps
  • Added 2 new upgrades (for the 2 new housing structures) to maps
  • Added a new bad guy, "Shrimp", which only spawns in maps that sound watery. They do nothing special, but they work.
  • The breeding Trimps counter works at numbers higher than 1000 now
  • Added a check when buying the "Coordination" upgrade. Said check will not allow you to purchase the upgrade if you do not have a high enough maximum population to battle with it.
  • You can no longer fight your way into negative employed Trimps
  • Added numbers to Jobs. You can click them to buy or sell more or less workers.
  • Reduced the exponential growth rate of job costs (they're cheaper later in the game now, you can buy more scientists and stuff)

0.05 - 5/28/15Edit

  • I reset saves again. I'm sorry, but it had to be done, and I warned you! However, getting to World 5 should be much quicker than before due to some new balance tweaks.
  • In case you didn't notice, the UI is different. It's not totally done, but it's progress. I still haven't tested it on every screen size, but it's pretty responsive. If it doesn't work on your screen, zoom out, zoom in, or resize the window until it looks good as a temporary fix, then let me know what size screen you have and I'll fix it ASAP. Screens lacking in height may have some trouble.
  • Added maps system. After World 5, you'll start to find maps. The maps will generate with a level equal to the world you found them in. Maps have random names (though the names don't have any effect on gameplay), and they randomly generate size, difficulty, and a loot bonus within a range. You can find cool stuff in them, and I hope they're fun.
  • Maps can be recycled. Each recycled map gives you a map fragment. Once you get 3 map fragments, the game will generate a random map at the level of your current world.
  • Add new resource, Gems. Gems can be found by running maps, and are required for most upgrades found in maps. The higher the level of map, and the higher the loot bonus, the more gems you'll receive.
  • Added room for 2 more new resources. I haven't decided what they'll be yet, but they'll be sweet.
  • Added new building, Mansion. The schematic for Mansion can be found by running maps.
  • Added equipment prestiging. Starting with level 6 maps, you'll be able to unlock a prestige for all of the equipment earned in World 1. Level 7 unlocks World 2 equipment prestiges. Level 11 unlocks World 1 equipment prestiges again. The game has infinite equipment content now, hurray! (Balance not guaranteed to be good)
  • Added an upgrade to double the breeding speed of your Trimps, unlocked every 5th world.
  • Tooltip costs now show in green if you can afford that particular ingredient, and red if you cannot.
  • Added new message category and filter for "Notices". Notices show up in red in your chat log, and are generally important. I wouldn't recommend filtering out notices.
  • Trimps breed a teensy bit faster.
  • Bad guys hit a teensy bit softer.
  • Equipment is less powerful, but has gone down in price. The ratio of resource to stat points is still relatively the same, but slightly higher on the stat point side. (You get more stat points per resource spent now)
  • I again adjusted the resource rewards from battle. This is proving really tough to balance for some reason. Why did Jimmy P. Incrementalgameson (father of incremental games) make balance so difficult for developers?
  • Progress bars now go all the way across before resetting.
  • Added alert icon when you unlock something new. This goes away after a mouseover.
  • All known tooltip/text/grammatical errors are fixed. If you notice more, let me know. Please note that many of the upgrade names are a WIP
  • Equipment unlocks at the bottom of the equipment menu, but the menu scrolls down when something new is unlocked. People didn't like it adding stuff at the top for some reason. I'm not sure if this is better, but it's fun to test things.
  • I'm putting maps again because they took a long time to develop and probably nobody will read this anyway. If you're reading this, hi.
  • Numerous other small bug fixes

0.04 - 5/22/15Edit

  • Made game slightly less angry when tabbing back in after being in the background for a long time. Still have work to do on this, but it should no longer be crashing.

0.03 - 5/20/15Edit

  • Added auto-loading functionality
  • Added reset button
  • Fixed tooltip errors
  • Made game look much better on smaller monitors
  • Numbers larger than 999 get down with division
  • Made save string smaller
  • Resource rewards from battling now scale at a (hopefully) more appropriate rate

0.02 - 5/15/15Edit

  • Due to heavy balance changes and content additions, saves were reset. Sorry :(
  • Started writing down updates
  • Moved log to bottom
  • Added filters to the chat log. Click to turn on or off.
  • Added icons to the start of each message to make stuff more noticeable by your eyeballs.
  • All text inside the log is black (for now). I may change the icon colors in the log based on the type of text, but I can worry about that later.
  • Left menu buttons are all on the right side
  • Lined up left menu text
  • Re-positioned some elements to feel less strange before everything is unlocked
  • Structures queue no longer stacks items together.
  • Added 'seconds' to structures queue progress bar
  • Structures queue progress bar now shows the correct amount of time remaining after finding one or more foremen
  • Removed feature that changed background color of elements when the player is gathering.
  • Gather/chop/mine/build/research buttons are now replaced with text if you're already gathering there, this should prevent confusion with people expecting to have to spam click in order to gather.
  • Added some icons to the gathering text for food, wood, and metal. I like that they make it easier to see where you're gathering, but I don't know if I actually like them. I don't have room for them on the left menu, so I'm undecided what I'm going to do there.
  • Moved a lot of stuff around in the battle section.
  • 'Bad Guys' are gone. Instead, I have added a few random enemies with weird names (there will be more later, with different enemies for different worlds, etc). The randomized enemies have slightly different attack and health modifiers depending on who you're fighting.
  • The new enemies have a new stat which determines if they attack first or second. Certain enemies (by name) are faster than others. Half of the enemies will attack first, half will attack second. The animations (for now) still show both attacks at the same time, but the difference is noticeable if the faster opponent gets a killing blow.
  • Removed Medic (for now)
  • Added new stat, 'block', which only applies to Trimps (for now). By progressing through the battle system, you will unlock a structure that increases block by a flat number per Trimp. Later in the battle system, you'll unlock a Job that increases your total block # by 10% each. The flat number acts as a wood sink, the % acts as a food sink. I'm interested to see how people feel about this mechanic
  • Save strings get compressed to base64
  • Added import/export buttons (and added code that makes them do stuff)
  • Added a handful of new upgrades. The goal is to eventually have more than one upgrade available at any time, to force you to make decisions. The game is not at this point yet, but it is closer than last week.
  • You can now see a numerical representation of what World you're currently on. I plan to eventually add a randomized world naming system, but this is good enough for now.
  • Made tooltips render a little bit higher. Hopefully this should fix the issue some people were having where tooltips were generating below the screen. If you still have a problem with this, please let me know what your screen resolution is and I'll try my very hardest to fix it better!
  • Completely rewrote the game loop in order to support the game running in a background tab. I have never done anything like this, it was very scary (there's randomization in the battles, and the timing relies on breeding speed so there was a lot that could go wrong), but it SEEMS to be working fine. I haven't had a ton of time to really thoroughly test this, but please let me know if you notice a problem with it.
  • Clicking 'load' now resets the game first instead of just adding a second copy of everything to the screen.I have tested this a decent amount, but there could still be some bugs with the reset function. If you notice bugs after loading during a live game, let me know, refresh, then load again.
  • Enemy attack is lower, enemy health is higher, Trimp breeding speed is lower, equipment benefits are higher (and there is now a block mechanic, described above). This should keep the game moving at about the same pace as before, but prevent reaching a point where you start getting one shot and frustrated.
  • Added 'fire' button to jobs menu. This allows you to redistribute your workers. You will not receive a resource refund for firing a worker, but the price of the next worker of that type will go back down as if you had never purchased it.
  • Increased the amount of equipment in game. I tried really hard to tune it right, but I would really really love some feedback on the tuning.
  • A few other random surprises

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