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There're 12 resources in total in Trimps: food, wood, metal, science, fragments, gems, helium, bones, nullifium, dark essence, magmite and fuel.

They are used for various upgrades, structures and other things. They can be gained from manual working by the player, assigning trimps to jobs and finding loot.

Main resources Edit

All main resources can be gained by the main character. 

Food Edit

Used for structures and jobs. Primarily housing structures and tributes. Gained from farmers and fighting in both world zones and maps.

Wood Edit

Used for shields and structures. Primarily housing structures and gyms. Gained from lumberjacks and fighting in both world zones and maps.

Metal Edit

Used for buying most equipment. Gained from miners and fighting in both world zones and maps.

Science Edit

Only used in upgrades unlocked on the world zones. Gained by scientists.

Special resources Edit

Special resources cannot be gathered by the main character.

Fragments Edit

Used to create new maps and in creation of Gateways. Gained by resource tiles in zonesexplorers, recycling maps and killing the Map-Only Imp-orts Flutimp, Jestimp and Chronoimp.

Gems Edit

Used to buy later housing structures and to unlock new equipment tiers. Gained by tributes, The Dragon, killing Feyimps in zones, resource tiles in maps and killing the Map-Only Imp-orts Goblimps, Jestimps and Chronoimps.

Helium Edit

Bones Edit

Bones are used to buy items in the Bone Trader. They can be earned passively from killing Skeletimps and Megaskeletimps or purchased using the Kongregate Kreds. Just like Helium, they last through portals.

Skeletimps spawn at a very specific rate. Check here for the chance of spawning a Skeletimp at any given time.


Nullifium is a currency used in the manipulation of Heirlooms. It can only be obtained from recycling Heirlooms found in Void maps.

For the average gain of Nullifium per Void map, click here.

Dark Essence Edit

Dark Essence is a currency essential in purchasing Masteries. It can be obtained by using the Scryer formation.

On Scryer formation, each beaten cell has a 3% chance to drop a fixed number of Dark Essence starting in zone 181. This table contains the number of Dark Essence per cell on each zone.


Magmite is a currency required to upgrade the Dimensional Generator. It can be obtained by defeating Magma Cells.

Each Magma Cell will drop exactly 1 Magmite if the Dimensional Generator is in the correct mode.

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