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Helium is a resource unlocked after beating the Dimension of Anger, a unique map that is created by buying Anger, an upgrade awarded for completing zone 20. It can be used to level up Perks. Along with Helium the player also unlocks the Portal, which allows for soft-resetting your game. Perks and Helium last throughout Portals.

How to get Helium Edit

There are currently seven ways to get Helium:

  1. If you've played in the Beta (before version 0.9), importing the beta save export into the newest release will award you an amount of Helium which correlates to the zone you finished in.
  2. Completion of The Dimension of Anger (or using the Portal Generator), which awards 45 Helium (unaffected by any perks or bonuses).
  3. Killing any Blimp or Improbability or Omnipotrimp after completion of The Dimension of Anger. These boss imps spawn in the last cell of every zone after zone 21. You need to beat The Dimension of Anger at least once in your save to gain Helium from them. If it was beaten in another run, they will award Helium even if The Dimension of Anger hasn't been beaten in your current run.
  4. Clearing Corrupted or Healthy cells in the world. Corrupted cells starts spawning at zone 181 (earlier with Headstart or Corrupted challenge) and Healthy cells start spawning at zone 301 provided Spire II is beaten.
  5. Killing the Cthulimp at the end of a Void map. See the Void Map page for more details.
  6. Clearing cells which do not have any loot on them in the Spire. Also rewarded by clearing certain cells in the Spire. See the Spire page for more details.
  7. Buying Bone Portals in the Bone Trader menu for 100 Bones each. The Helium awarded corresponds to the highest Helium one has ever obtained on a single run. Unlike the other ways, this Helium can be immediately spent on Perks.

Helium obtained from methods 2-6 appear in the Helium box below Gems, and can only be spent on Wormholes. In order to use the Helium on Perks, you need to use the Portal (soft reset). There is also a He/hr below this number, which can be used to assess whether your run is efficient (in gaining helium) or not.

Formula Edit

This is the formula for calculating Helium awards for each zone from defeating that zone's cell 100 boss. The Base Helium is calculated as follows:

a1 =  1.35 * ([Current Zone] - 19);

a2 =  1.23 ^ sqrt (a1);

a   =  round (a1 + a2)

For example, the Base Helium of the Blimp at the end of zone 21 is 4. For sources of Helium before zone 21 (completing a Void Map at zone 20 or below), the Base Helium is 1 for zones 1-19 and 2 for zone 20.

This part of the formula applies if the zone number is 59 or higher (Improbabitity Bonus):

b = 5

This part of the formula applies if the zone number is after the beginning of Magma (zone 230) (Omnipotrimp Bonus):

b = 15

This part of the formula applies if the zone number is after the beginning of True Corruption (180 by default but can be lowered by Headstart Masteries) (Corruption Bonus):

c = 2

This part of the formula applies with the Scientist V challenge completed in the run:

d = (1.005 ^ [Current Zone])

This part of the formula applies only with the Toxicity challenge enabled:

e =  (1 + ([Toxic stacks] * 0.0015))

This part of the formula applies only with the Lead challenge enabled if current zone is an odd number:

e =  2

This part of the formula covers the bonus from Golden Helium:

f =  (1 + [Golden Helium Bonus in %] * 0.01)

This part of the formula covers additional bonuses from the Looting and Looting II perks:

g =  (1 + [Looting level] * 0.05)

h =  (1 + [Looting II level] * 0.0025)

This part of the formula applies if the player beats a minimum of one row in the Spire ([Spire rows beaten] goes above 10 for additional Spires) (Note: if player has Still Rowing I Mastery, replace 0.02 by 0.03):

i =   (1 + (0.02 * [Spire rows beaten]))

This part of the formula covers the bonus from Wind (only on zones with Wind):

j =  (1 + ([Wind empowerment level] * 0.1) * [Number of Wind stacks] * 0.01)

This part of the formula covers the bonus from Challenge²:

k =  (1 + [Challenge² bonus in %] * 0.01)

The Helium reward is then obtained from the formula below and the final number is rounded down (if bonus is absent then corresponding letter is assigned a value of 1):

l = a * b * c * d * e * f * g * h * i * j * k;

FINAL = floor (l)

A Corrupted cell awards 15% of the FINAL Helium per cell, and a Healthy cell awards 15*3=45% of the FINAL Helium per cell.

Math functions used:

  • round - round to the nearest number (ex. 1.3 = 1; 1.5 = 2)
  • sqrt - square root
  • floor - round number down to the nearest integer (ex. 1.3 = 1; 1.5 = 1)

For Void Maps, the Helium bonus is further multiplied by 2 (Void Map Bonus) and Void Specialization (25% per 100 Zones cleared last Portal) if the Mastery is purchased. In addition, all mutations (Corruption and Healthy) in the current zone are also taken into account and added to this for the final value.

One can see the Helium breakdown clearly by clicking on the present icon next to the enemy imps and then clicking on the Helium category.


  • Starting patch 3.22, Megablimp now drops 45 helium up from 30.

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