Imploding Star


Find a map fragment in maps of Level 170 and higher
Reward -
Level 170
Resource Metal
Size 100
Difficulty 320%
Loot 300%
Total (HP + BLK) required to guarantee completion
Minimum 924.13Sxd


Maximum 1.39Spd


"You found a map to an Imploding Star inside of a supercooled dimension. The temperature there is perfect!"

Imploding Star is a unique map found in maps of level 170 and higher, which is required solely to complete the Devastation challenge.

The player needs a minimum of over 924.13Sxd combined health and block to complete it. That number is the minimum attack of the worst possible scenario on this map - fighting the cell 100 boss which attacks first - Neutrimp.

The player should aim for combined health and block of somewhere between that and the maximum attack of that imp (1.39Spd).

The following challenges end by completing Imploding Star:

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