Reach zone 115 for the first time
Reward Perk: Siphonology and Electricity reward
Goal Complete The Prison
All maps have an extra 300% additive to difficulty
All Electricity rules apply
Experience a slightly distorted version of the 'Electricity' dimension, to help understand the relationship between maps and the world. Everything will work exactly the same as Electricity, but all maps will have an extra 300% difficulty. Clearing 'The Prison' (80) will cause the world to return to normal. You will receive the Helium reward from Electricity. You will also earn a new Perk!

Rules Edit

For the duration of this challenge, all maps get an extra 300% additive to difficulty.

This challenge has all of the rules from the Electricity apply, which means it can be done multiple times for the double Helium reward, however, because this challenge is strictly harder than Electricity, there is no reason to do it multiple times.

Note that the difficulty increase also applies to unique maps, which will make The Prison substantially harder to complete.

During this challenge, the prison has 560% difficulty instead of 260%, which means to finish it the player should aim for combined health and block between 21.47Sp and 32.21Sp instead.

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