Reach zone 150 for the first time
Reward Perk: Resourceful
Goal Complete zone 100
During the challenge, the player gains 1 map credit per each completed world zone.
Running a map costs 1 map credit. Multiple single map runs spend credits as the map is repeated.
"Travel to a dimension where maps are scarce, in an attempt to learn to be more resourceful. You will earn one map Credit for each World Zone you clear, and it costs 1 credit to run 1 map. Completing Zone 100 with this challenge active will return you to your original dimension. Double prestige from Scientist IV will not work during this challenge."

Rules Edit

Note: For the duration of this challenge, the double prestige reward from Scientist IV will be temporarily disabled.

For the duration of this challenge, a new temporary currency is added: map credits. Every time a zone is completed (starting zone 1) a map credit is earned.

Starting any map costs 1 map credit. Each repeat of the said map will also cost an additional credit.

If the player has no credits, they can't start any map, with the following message:

You are all out of Map Credits! Clear some more zones to earn some more.

If the player runs out of map credits while doing a map, they will be kicked out to the map selection screen.

Map credits are only gained and used during this challenge.

Strategy Edit

It might be a good idea to use the "Equip First" setting for the duration of this challenge, and try to only run maps for the first 5 equipment prestige upgrades, ignoring the rest. The reason for this is that by zone 95 the player will have access to 20 tiers of equipment, and there's only a maximum of 99 credits that can be obtained, which makes it possible to fully keep up with just the first 5 pieces of equipment.

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