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Maps are combat zones that can be ran as an alternative to the zones in the world. They are first unlocked at zone 6, where the player receives their first standard map - Tricky Paradise.

The most important thing maps are run for are equipment prestige upgrades. Beside those, the player can also find new housing, as well as some upgrades. Maps can also be utilized to farm loot in form of various resources.

A list of all unlocks which can be found in maps can be seen here.

A special kind of map is called a unique map. These maps are always found in the same places, and yield the same unique reward.

Another special kind of maps are Void maps.

Standard maps cost fragments to create. Recycling a map will give back 1/4th of the cost it would take to create a map of that level without using any properties (sliders).

First encounter Edit

The player's first encounter with maps should be at zone 6, where they are always unlocked. Reaching zone 6 will make the Maps button visible. It's located left of the map grid.

The game always creates a standard level 6 map for the player called Tricky Paradise. This map has the following stats:

Map Biome Difficulty Size Loot
Tricky Paradise Gardens 85% 45 120%

The biome, Gardens, means that the map will drop all three standard resources.

After the player gets everything there is to get from Tricky Paradise and reaches past Zone 6, they are expected to create their own maps. Map creation involves a lot of randomness as the game assigns random values between specified boundaries to a map's properties when created. These boundaries can be affected in the map creation screen and are explained more in-depth below.

Map Properties Edit

Each map has specific properties assigned to it - Biome, Size, Difficulty and Loot.

The only way to utilize new standard maps (not unique maps) is to create them manually. The stats of created maps are random (within the bounds shown in the table below).

Property Values possible
Biome Mountain, Forest, Sea, Depths, Gardens
Size 25 - 75
Difficulty 75% - 165%
Loot 100% - 160%

By using the sliders in the map menu, the player can skew the randomness in their favor at the cost of paying more fragments. If all of the sliders are put to maximum, the bounds look like this:

Property Values possible
Size 25 - 30
Difficulty 75% - 84%
Loot 154% - 160%

By paying twice as much fragments as the player otherwise would, it's also possible to manually select the biome of the map. Biome is what decides what kind of resources will spawn the most on each map.

Biome Resource
Mountain 50% Metal, 20% Gems
Forest 50% Wood, 20% Gems
Sea 50% Food, 20% Gems
Depths 50% Gems
Gardens 50% Any, 20% Gems

These percentages are only resource distribution between cells on a map. You can also get additional resources from special imps which only spawn in those biomes.

Note that the Gardens biome initially can't be manually selected with the biome selector combobox. It can only be randomly obtained through the Random setting before completing the Decay Challenge. A garden biome will have a leaf symbol to indicate where a random resource will be won.

Any resource can be either food, wood or metal.

Random biome distributionEdit

When a map is created with a random biome, a biome will be selected with following chances:

Biome Chances Approx
Mountain 8/48 16.7%
Forest 8/48 16.7%
Sea 11/48 22.9%
Depths 11/48 22.9%
Gardens 10/48 20.8%

The reason why these percentages are not equal is because the game rolls a chance for a biome from the list of all available biome suffixes (which are listed in the section below). The only exceptions is the "Jungle" name which is listed twice, and "Gardens" name which is listed ten times in the game's code. Biomes don't have an equal number of names tied to them, which makes for above variations.

Map Names and Biomes Edit

Each created map has a specific suffix. Suffixes are strictly tied to biome type.

Note: Forest has two Jungle biomes. Gardens only has one suffix.

Biome Suffixes
Mountain Mountain, Hill, Butte, Ridge, Mesa, Peak, Plateau, Volcano
Forest Forest, Oaks, Jungle, Grove, Thicket, Woods, Oasis
Sea Creek, Coast, Swamp, Beach, Glacier, Brook, Sea, Ocean, Lake, Island, Bog
Depths Valley, Canyon, Crag, Crater, Cave, Ruins, Temple, Mineshaft, Tunnel, Depths, Cavern
Gardens Gardens

Each biome also spawns special biome imps which drop additional loot.

Each created map also has a prefix, which is only used for aesthetic purposes.


"Whispering", "Sandy", "Little", "Big", "Rancid", "Tired", "Laughing", "Weeping", "Windy", "Terrible", "Nasty", "Dirty", "Red", "Black", "Singing", "Fiery", "Rocky", "Haunted", "Forgotten", "Miserable", "Cursed", "Tainted", "Blessed", "Sacred", "Abandoned", "Natural", "Enchanted", "Magical", "Calm", "Rugged", "Violent", "Weird", "Secret", "Forbidden", "Bewitched", "Dark", "Light", "Magnificent", "Evil", "Holy", "Hallowed", "Desecrated", "Silent", "Eternal", "Underground", "Temperate", "Chilly", "Muddy", "Dank", "Steamy", "Humid", "Dry", "Putrid", "Foul", "Dangerous", "Marred", "Blighted", "Crystal", "Frozen", "Simple", "Timeless"

Whenever a map is created, a random prefix is assigned to it as the first word, and a random suffix matching the selected (or randomed) biome is assigned as the second word.

Loot Edit

An extensive breakdown on all of the formulas used for loot calculations (maps included) can be found here.

When aiming to maximize loot from maps, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Each map has its own loot multiplier. It's assigned when the map is created, and the minimum percentage can be raised by paying more fragments using the sliders in the map menu.
  • There is a compounding 20% decrease to loot found per level lower than the currently reached world zone. This multiplier can be calculated using the following formula:

0.8 ^ ([World zone] - [Map level])

Both of these multipliers can be observed by clicking on the loot breakdown, which can be accessed using the present icon button in the top-right corner of the map area.

Map Bonus Edit

When a maximum level map is finished (a map whose level matches the currently reached world zone; for instance, if the player reached zone 40, the map must be level 40), a 20% stacking additive damage bonus to Trimps is added to the world zone. This bonus stacks up to 10 times, and is cleared when the player completes the zone and reaches the next one. This bonus can be utilized at every level.

This bonus can also be observed on the loot breakdown.

The way of obtaining the map bonus can be manipulated with the Siphonology perk.

Decay challenge Edit

The Decay challenge allows the Gardens biome to be selected from the list of biomes when creating a new map.

When creating a Gardens map after completing that challenge, 25% will always be added additively to that map's loot factor. This means that, for example, if the player rolls 160% loot, the map will come out with 185% loot instead.

Legend Edit

Cells which contain loot or unlocks are marked by glyphicons  which are available here. Below is a legend showing glyphicons found on maps and what they represent.

Symbol Loot/Unlock Image
Spark Gems Glyphicons-333-certificate
Apple Food Icon apple
Tree Wood Glyphicons-318-tree-deciduous
Flame Metal Glyphicons-23-fire
Book Equipment/Special Unlock Glyphicons-72-book
4-Square Block New unique map Glyphicons-156-show-big-thumbnails
House New gem-based housing Glyphicons-21-home
Cog New fragment-based housing Glyphicons-137-cogwheel
Chain-link New helium-based housing Glyphicons-51-link


  • Tricky Paradise when recycled gives 0 fragments.
  • Before patch V2.81 Tricky Paradise used to be a map with 110% difficulty and 40 size. Now it's a Gardens map with 85% difficulty and 45 size.
  • Before patch V2.73 it used to be possible to create biomeless maps by using the Random setting which would drop Metal but not spawn Seirimps.

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