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Adapted for serious use by 'Xeigho'

Stupid? Questions Edit

How do I run a map?
Click the orange map button. If the orange map button turns into a button that says "Abandon soldiers", click on the button again. Click the light blue "Create" button. A new map should have been created. Click on the new map, and click the light blue "Run Map" button.

Where are some communities?
This wiki.
Kongregate chat rooms dedicated to trimps, which you will have access to if you play on kongregate.

Gameplay BasicsEdit

Game ProgressEdit

Trimps is an incremental game. (Has no finite end.) The player makes progress by advancing zones in the world. After zone 20, the player needs to complete "Dimension of Anger" or 'DoA' map before he can 'portal'. Portalling is the soft-reset mechanic of this game. The player gains helium by advancing beyond zone 20 (After first completion of DoA). Helium is used for persistent upgrades or 'Perks', which allow the player to delve into deeper zones.

Worker DistributionEdit

Farmer, lumberjacks, and miners are cheap to hire, as as such can be moved around relatively easily. Avoid firing trainers and other specialists as the food cost is much higher and is not refunded.
Early on, Farmers are the most important, followed by lumberjacks and then miners. As your need for equipment rises, the player should put more workers in miners and if needed choose to farm metal on a metal (Mountain) map.
Starting out a 1:1:1 (food:wood:metal) ratio is fine until you start needing more metal for your upgrades, at which point you should try to transition into ~2:1:5

It is also viable to put workers into scientists whenever you need science. However, scientists do not scale as well as the other workers, and it is recommend that you research yourself at later levels.

Trainers and explorers should be hired as food allows. Explorers become near-useless past zone 75 or so, so consider not adding to them past then. Block also drops off after the 60 mark but is always still useful, consider prioritizing other food expenditure.

The Player (ie. What Should "You" Do)?Edit

The early game is pretty reliant on you to start with, as you get miners and scientists your jobs drop steadily until you should be mostly building and researching, depending on what is needed. After mid game, the player excels in these areas, but scales poorly in others.

If desired, the player can also trap, in the early to mid game this can be an effective way to boost your breed speed, provided you have a couple of levels in the Bait perk.

If the player receives a turkimp, the player should gather the resource that is currently being gathered by the most number of trimps. It should be noted that gathering resources with a turkimp active will increase your global looting multiplier by 1.1666* (Meaning you will earn more resources from map/zone tiles)

Map Unlocks and Equipment UpgradesEdit

After zone 6, the player can create maps. All maps of the same level will have the same Unlocks. The player can see how many unlocks a map has under the "item" statistic of the map. Unlocks includes additional housing, certain upgrades, and equipment prestiges.

When should I prestige my Equipment?
Basically as soon as possible. Level one of a prestiged equipment is ~9x (9.4 for attack equipment or 11.4 for HP Equipment) better than the unprestiged equipment. As such, if you put more than 9 or 10 levels into a piece of equipment, your stats will drop when you prestige it, at least until you put another level or two in.

Shieldblock vs health shield
Shield block (which is obtained by completing the level 11 map 'The Block') starts off significantly higher than health shields. However, each prestige of shield block only multiplies the stats by about 5.5, while each prestige of health shield multiples stats by about 11.4, in other words, shield block scales significantly worse than health shields. After about zone 33, shield block quickly becomes obsolete. However because the upgrade is permanent you cannot switch back to hp shields until your next portal. If the player had ever reached past zone 30 in their save, Shieldblock becomes marked among dangerous purchases, giving you a confirmation window before you buy it.

Map FarmingEdit

If you need particular resources, you can farm maps for loot. Mountain maps are for metal. Sea maps are for food. Forest maps are for wood. Garden maps (can only be rolled on the random setting) are for all three of the previous resources. The former four maps also give gems, but not as much as depth maps which are specifically for gems (however feature a few metal dropping mobs, YAY!).

How Important is map loot?
Farming maps early is questionable. With imp-orts, map farming will give you way more income than your production will. Imp-orts could multiply your map loot by 4-5x.

What Level of Maps Should I Farm?
You should farm the highest level that you can one shot things in.

How should I control the sliders?
Difficulty and Loot sliders should be maximized. Size slider is irrelevant unless you are farming equipment prestiges.

How else can I maximize map loot?
Get to the highest zone possible. For the same map level, a higher zone level will increase loot. The Looting perk is a direct multiplier of all map loot including Helium If you have turkimp, farm one of the three basic resources. This will give you a 1.16666... multiplier to basic loot. Population is a direct multiplier to loot, and as such, more population means more loot. The Magnimp Imp-ort is also a multiplier of basic loot, (personally i see an increase of about 1%/zone) If you have jestimp or chronoimp, getting the speed/megabooks of the zone will increase loot gained from them.

Fragments Edit

Fragments are used to make maps. Higher level maps, and better (more sliders to the right) maps require more fragments. Fragments are also needed to make gateways, a housing structure (Primarily z30-50).

How do I get fragments?
You get fragments from certain loot cells in zones only. Explorers can make fragments. You can get fragments from maps with the flutimp imp-ort.

I don't have enough fragments.
Not much you can do here. Get more explorers. Be more careful with the frags you have. Flutimp imp-ort will help with this.

Resets Edit

What persists through resets?

How do I get Helium?
You get Helium after beating the Dimension of Anger map, which you will get at the end of zone 20. Further helium is earnt from killing Blimps and Improbabilites at the end of zones. You get Helium by getting bone portals from bone traders. Cumulative helium gain is quadratic - the helium gain from zones 20-40 is about four times that of zones 20-30, and zones 20-50 will give about nine times as much. Helium gain from zones 59 and above is massively increased. Completing repeatable challenges can give additional helium boosts.

When Should I Reset for the First Time?
Zone 23+, this will vary heavily on player preference, I wouldn't recommend portalling before z23. The reason for this is that the time it takes you to advance a couple of zones to get a bit more helium will be significantly less than an entire new run to Z20+, however don't try to go too far as you will find progress will slow down drastically as you advance and you may be better off portalling. [z25-28 would be my personal recommendation for 1st portal.]

When should I portal in the general situation?
When your helium per hour decreases. (This can be tricky to judge after you get to the midgame)
When you have a few hours to micromanage the start of your next run.

If you have pushed past 50, you should complete zone 59. The boss at zone 59 will give a significant amount of helium

If you are coming very close to zones 25, 30, 35, 37, 40, 45, 50, 60. (later also 75, 100, 125 or 150) it is probably best to push on to reach those zones. All of these zones (with the exception of zones 37 & 60) drop a Gymystic book (Gymystic level 1 costs 1B wood & 5M science), which will usually get you at least a couple of zones further. 30 also unlocks Gateway, which gives a large increase in population. 37 unlocks Wormholes, which will get you to 50 in most circumstances (This is worth doing as at 50 you unlock better housing). Similarly, if you are one level off the next Gigastation upgrade, it might be better to push on.

Perks Edit

Perks are permanent bonuses purchased with helium. They persist through portals. All perks can be re-specced and the helium cost fully refunded once per portal. As such, there is no way to permanently screw yourself over.

This is my first reset; what perks should I get? Edit

One of Everything. Perk costs increases exponentially. Each level increases cost by 30%. After you get one of everything, Looting, Motivation, Toughness and Power are good things to go for. Good early perks are Looting (more He), Motivation (more resources), Trumps, Toughness & Power. You should also grab 2-5 levels in bait to speed up your start. Do the Size challenge early on to get carpentry! Once you get carpentry, you should put more than half of all your helium into it.

What is the best perk? & How well do perks scale?Edit

As cost and enemy strength increases exponentially, additive perks do not scale very well. (Motivation, Trumps & Bait especially)

In the late game, the best perks are coordinated, carpentry, resilience, artisantry, and resourcefulness, probably in that order.

Looting is special, as it is a direct multiplier to helium gained. It could be considered best perk after those ones.

Can you give some Analysis? Edit

See Truths Original Guide for his take on advanced perk strategy.

I don't see those perks. Edit

You will need to complete challenges to get them;

Challenges Edit

How do I unlock challenges? Edit

You unlock challenges by reaching specific zones, or by completing certain maps.

When should I attempt a challenge? Edit

For the early game i would suggest you do the discipline challenge on your 1st portal (2nd run), the 'Metal' challenge can be a bit tricky so i wouldn't worry too much about skipping it for a run or maybe even two, if possible i would even suggest doing the size challenge first. Try and do the scientist challenges whenever you can but i would recommend you at least glance at the wiki page for them before you attempt Scientist II. You should attempt all challenges, except for nom/toxicity/balance/elec ASAP, unless you want to complete another challenge.

More info here; Challenges

Bones Edit

They are dropped by skeletimps and mega skeletimps, which are found in world zones only. You can also buy them with kreds. You should spend them on Imp-orts and later, bone portals.

Should I save up 200 bones for the package deal where I get 4 imp-orts and 100 free bones?
The package deal can only be bought with kreds.


Not all imp-orts are equally useful. There is no consensus on what order to buy them.
My suggested order is whipimp, tauntimp, venimp, magnimp/jestimp, titimp, chronoimp, feyimp, flutimp/gobimp. This will vary on who you speak to.
Disclaimer (I haven't personally checked the maths on these so they *may* not be accurate)

Whipimp provides is a multiplier to both production and base loot (Hidden in the base value of looting breakdown). As production is the most important early on, Whipimp is something to get early. Whimpimp is strictly better than magimp.

Magnimp is also a multiplier of basic loot, (personally i see an increase of about 1%/zone [if you get this 4/5th as per the list above you are likely to be hitting around Z40 -50 which puts this on par with jestimp])

Tauntimp will give roughly 7-12% more population, which can be thought of as 7-12% more damage/hp/block and 7-12% more production/loot.

Venimp gives breeding speed. 10% more breeding speed is 10% less time it takes to breed to full population. If you do not have full uptime on your trimps fighting, this will increase your dps. It should be noted that 10% more uptime is approx. 10% more dps.

Jestimp gives map loots. If you do not have chronoimp or gobimp, jestimp will give you roughly 30-40% more basic loot and 80-100% more gem loot at level 0 motivation. At level 20 motivation, you'd get roughly 60-80% more basic loot and 160-200% more gem loot. This is probably better than magimp unless you are reaching much higher levels.

Titimp doubles your damage, which means you can farm roughly 1 level of map higher. That is worth roughly 25% more loot.

Chronimp gives 33% less loot than jestimp. At 20 motivation, you get roughly 40%-55% more basic loot. However, this is additive to jestimp.

Flutimp is the only way to get a significant amount of fragments in the late game.

In a vacuum, goblimp gives 90% more gem loot from maps. However, this is additive to the additional gem loot given by jestimp and chronimp. Considering that jestimp might give you 200% and chronoimp give you 130%, you are simply adding 90% to 430%.

Feyimp gives you a bit of gems in zones. This will help you get your weapon prestiges without having to go into maps, which is most useful after the Scientist II challenge.

Wormholes Edit

How many wormholes should I buy? Edit

I would only buy wormholes if you are planning to push to level 50. Pushing to level 50 will give you certain upgrades which will allow you to push to level 60. This will make purchasing wormholes worth it.

If it is your first few times pushing to 50, 25 wormholes is a good number. Whenever you feel like the boost from wormholes isn't that significant, reducing the number down to 10 is fine.

"Why do wormholes cost helium?"

Wormholes were once the most late game housing structure available. Even though that is no longer the case, the cost of wormholes stayed the same.

Late-game Edit

Breaking the planet Edit

Beating level 59 will break the planet. The planet will not remain broken after portaling.

Saving up resources before hand Edit

As equipment prices drastically lowers after you break the planet, a player might think it is a good idea to stop buying equipments a few levels before breaking the planet. However, it should be noted that resource production increases exponentially as you progress in zones, and as such, saving up too much resources do not have much value. One can simply choose not to bother with saving up resources because of the above reason. If one does choose to bother, saving up resources before z55 is not a good idea.

Warpstations and Gigastations Edit

On your first time breaking the planet, you should get 5+1* (level of gigastation) warpstations before getting a gigastation. The numbers should increase over time. It is not unusual for a late-game player to buy 100 warpstations per gigastation. Ultimately, you should plan ahead, and spend all your gigastations before you portal.

End Game Edit

By the time you get to this point you should know most of what you need to know, otherwise ask in chat.

Technical Stuff Edit

Saving and Exporting Edit

The game is normally saved on your cookies. The kongregate version on github and the version on Kongregate share the same save file. The other version on github does not share the same save file. The game autosaves every few minutes by default. You can turn off autosaving in the settings. If something happens to your cookies, your savefile will be deleted.

To protect your savefile, you can export your savefile. Click the export button. This will give you your save string. Copy and paste your save string somewhere safe. The save string is a snapshot of your savefile at the moment it is made. You can import your save string into the game, and continue from where you were when you exported your save string. You should do this often.

You can also import your save string onto a different computer, to move your save file. If worst comes to worst, there are save file generator, which can be used to create a save file[1].

Troubleshooting Edit

My game won't run, or certain elements are missing!

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Try a different browser?
  • Check if you can run other kongregate games.
  • Certain firewall, ad-blockers, and script-blockers can interfere with the game. Try disabling them. The game requires javascript.

My game is laggy!

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Refresh? Close your browser, make sure it is closed via task manager, and then re-try?
  • Do you have too many tabs open?
  • Is firefox inspector open? Close it.
  • Go to settings; turn off animation and progress bar.
  • Try a different browser?

Portal is missing!

  • You need to complete the dimension of anger this run.

Help! something is wrong.

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • In chatroom 1, there is a player named Grabarz. If he is online, he is a fountain of knowledge on the game, and may know how to help you. (Try to be clear and type in full english if you are asking for help!)

Developer, Suggestions, Bug Reports Edit

Who is the developer and how can I contact him?
The developer is GreenSatellite. Every so often, he comes to room 1 of kongregate trimp chat room. He is also active on the kongregate forums, and on reddit, both of which are linked above.

How do I make suggestions?

Where can I report a bug?

Supporting the developer Edit

You can support the developer by buying bones with kreds on kongregate. 75% of the proceeds go to GreenSatellite. 25% of the proceed goes to making greedy people at GameStop fat.

I know of no way to support the developer financially otherwise. Peer pressure GreenSatellite into making a donate page.

High Score Edit

The high score of this game depends on the highest zone you've reached, and the highest cell you've reached in that game. The last two digits in High Score correspond to the number of cells you've completed in the highest zone you've been in. The other digits correspond to the highest zone you've been in.

ex. A High Score of 10233 means that a player has reached zone 102, and has completed 33 cells of that zone.

High Score? What High score.
You have to be playing on Kongregate, with a Kongregate account.

My High Score is inaccurate!
Kongregate High Score submission is notoriously bad.

References Edit