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Portal is a mechanic unlocked after completing The Dimension of Anger. Along with Portal, the player also unlocks the ability to assign Perks using the now obtainable Helium. The player gains 45 Helium for this action.
Well, you did it. You followed your instincts through this strange world, made your way through the Dimension of Anger, and obtained this portal. But why? Maybe there will be answers through this portal... Your scientists tell you they can overclock it to bring more memories and items back, but they'll need helium to cool it.
Portal screen

The Portal screen

The Portal can be accessed using the blue button under the Maps button, left of the world map. This button will open a menu where the player can assign earned Helium into Perks (left side), as well as start a challenge (right side). Challenges are recommended to be completed, as their rewards are usually crucial to further progress.

Changes done to this menu have to be confirmed with the Activate Portal button. Clicking Cancel will discard all changes.

Using the Portal will delete all progress other than Bones, Imp-orts, Helium, Perks, Nullifium, equipped and carried Heirlooms, Dark Essence, Masteries, Dimensional Generator upgrades and Magmite. The player also loses access to the Portal after using it, and is required to complete The Dimension of Anger again to re-unlock it. This is not required with the Portal Generator Mastery.

After using the Portal, the player will also receive small bonuses to speed up the early game progress depending on the number of Scientist challenges completed. These challenges are unlocked in stages (tiers), and each one adds new bonuses.

Respec Edit

After first unlocking the Portal, the button "View Perks" on the bottom bar unlocks. Through that button, the player can see their perks as well as respec them. Respeccing allows you to remove levels from perks and convert them back into spendable Helium, which can be used to level other perks. There is no Helium loss by respeccing perks - you get a 100% return on each removed level.

After the Respec button is pressed, a new button called "Remove" is added to the amount selector. You can toggle this button to take off levels from specific perks and potentially assign them elsewhere. This is useful if you make a mistake in your perk distribution that you would like to correct.

It is possible to respec only once per run, with no penalties whatsoever. To get another respec after using one, the player has to use the Portal to soft reset their game, or purchase "Portal" from the Bone Trader.

If you have the perk Carpentry and attempt to respec without putting as many or more points back into it, the game will not allow you to respec if your new amount of maximum Trimps falls into one of these criteria:

  • is less than [Fighting group size] * 2.4
  • is less than [Number of Trimps employed] * 2

If you want to respec into a lesser amount of Carpentry, consider firing some workers first. Farmers/Lumberjacks/Miners are the best candidates to lose their jobs, because they are the cheapest to move around due to their low, unchanging hiring cost.

Similar criteria are in place for the Coordinated perk where the player can't respec into an amount of Coordinated so low that the fighting group becomes too large for the amount of max Trimps owned.

It is also possible to respec directly from the Portal screen which will skip the above requirements.

Portal screen color Edit

The last tier of Scientist challenge completed will change the name and color of the portal screen, like so:

Challenge completed

Screen title Screen color
None Time Portal #008000
Scientist I Time Portal Mk. II #00b386
Scientist II Time Portal Mk. III #3db0f8
Scientist III Time Portal Mk. IV #2a6a93

The colors are represented as color hex values.

Additionally, some backgrounds are a bit more creative, and use more complex CSS styling properties:

Challenge completed Screen title CSS background style
Scientist IV Time Portal Mk. V repeating-radial-gradient(#01785a 10%, #256e9b 10%, #17394f 10%, #11222e 20%);
Scientist V Time Portal Mk. VI transparent radial-gradient(rgba(0, 0, 128, 0.7), rgba(48, 0, 97, 0.7), rgba(0, 0, 90, 0.7));

Trivia Edit

  • Before patch 3.21 it was impossible to use a respec from the Portal screen.