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Pumpkimp is an imp added in patch V2.5 to exist for a couple of weeks after being added. It was changed to no longer spawn after patch V2.6. It returned in V3.81.

After killing it, there's a:

  • 3 out of 13[1] chance of it dropping food (23.08%)
  • 1 out of 13 chance of it dropping wood (7.69%)
  • 1 out of 13 chance of it dropping metal (7.69%)
  • 1 out of 13 chance of it dropping science (7.69%)
  • 5 out of 13 chance of it dropping nothing (38.46%)
  • 1 out of 13 chance of it dropping gems (7.69%)
  • 1 out of 13 chance of it dropping fragments (7.69%)
  1. Gems and fragments are only eligible to the above chances if Dragimp and Explorers are unlocked, respectively. If any of those are not, the resource they generate (gems/fragments) are simply not in the random pool. This would be "out of 12" if one of those weren't unlocked, or "out of 11" if neither were.

Reward formula Edit

Pumpkimp awards either 1, 2, 3 or 4 seconds of production per kill, with an even chance for each.

Quotes Edit

Chat log quotes when it drops resources:

  • "Oops, that Pumpkimp just wanted to give you some candy. You found ",
  • "When checking the Pumpkimp for loot, you find a pouch that says to take one. You take all ",
  • "That Pumpkimp gave you ",
  • "That Pumpkimp was so smashed that he gave you ",
  • "You're not wearing a costume, but you'll still take this "

Chat log quotes when it drops nothing:

  • "That Pumpkimp gave you nothing! What a jerk!",
  • "As the Pumpkimp takes his final breath, he manages to mutter the word 'Trick'. No loot here.",
  • "You search the Pumpkimp for loot, but find nothing. Someone wasn't in the holiday spirit!",
  • "That Pumpkimp rolled away before you could finish him off, yelling stuff about tricks."

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