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Below is a list of Settings that can be selected in the bottom bar Settings menu.

For toggle buttons, green means toggled, while red means not toggled. Yellow is a separate setting.

  • Auto Saving - if toggled, saves the game every minute. If turned off, the game will not automatically save, and the only way of saving is using the save button. Turning off auto saving is not recommended, as any accidental game refresh could reset a lot of progress.
  • Standard/Exponential formatting - if toggled, uses standard notation, otherwise, uses scientific notation.
  • Showing/Shift for Tooltips - if toggled, all tooltips are always shown on mouse over. Otherwise, the tooltips will be hidden unless Shift is held. The Shift to toggle part might not work on all browsers.
  • Animation - toggles a blue glow indicator in the building queue.
  • Outline - if toggled, enables a black separator for all progress bars for better status visibility.
  • Formatting Menu - if toggled, formats numbers on the job buttons to selected formatting notation
  • Progress Bars - if turned off, or set to Performance Bars, this will disable or put all of the progress bars in low quality mode. Changing this from the green setting can vastly reduce CPU usage.
  • Confirming - if toggled, every time a dangerous purchase is done, a confirmation pop-up is shown before the purchase.
  • Locking - if toggled, whenever something new is unlocked, all buttons lock (gray out) for a second, to make sure the player doesn't accidentally buy an unwanted item because the game rearranged buttons.
  • Popping - if toggled, whenever an achievement is earned, a pop-up is displayed on the main game screen; otherwise, it's not.
  • Alerting - if toggled, the game will display the yellow (!) alerts whenever a new item is unlocked;
  • Less/Full Breed Timer - if toggled, next to the breed timer the game will display a breed timer which is the time required to breed a new group of soldiers from 100% max Trimps;
  • Background Image/Darkness - toggles the background image;
  • Not Paused/Paused - if toggled, this setting will pause all actions in the game; this can be useful for completing speed achievements, as time ticks offline, but will disable offline gains if left toggled.
  • Tier First/Equip First - if toggled, all of the leftover tiers for an equipment are dropped first before moving on to the next equipment, otherwise they drop in chronological order; if there's only one tier left over it will drop in chronological order anyway when toggled
  • Delete Save - Permanently deletes the save file. This is not a soft reset function, it's a wipe-all function. For soft reset, look for Portal.

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