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"This book explains methods of using a shield to actually block damage. The current shield will need to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, but it will give block instead of health."

Shieldblock is an upgrade to the Shield equipment, which makes it give Block instead of Health.

It is obtained by completing The Block.

It cannot be activated unless the player's shield is Prestige 3 or higher.

If the player had ever reached past zone 30 in their save, Shieldblock becomes marked among dangerous purchases.

If you're planning to do a deep run (that is, past zone 60) it is better to not obtain Shieldblock and instead get your block solely from Gyms.

Shieldblock does not scale well with prestige, and is outclassed by gymystic at higher levels, thus becoming comparatively useless as the player gets to higher levels. Each level of prestige roughly multiplies the effectiveness of all other equipments, including health shield, by 10, but only multiplies the effectiveness of blockshield by 5. It can, however, be useful for the Thick Skinned challenge.