Reach zone 70
Reward Perk: Anticipation
Goal Complete Trimple of Doom
Trimps don't breed
"Travel to a dimension where Trimps refuse to breed in captivity, teaching yourself new ways to take advantage of situations where breed rate is low. Clearing 'Trimple Of Doom' (33) with this challenge active will return your breeding rate to normal."

Rules Edit

Trimps don't breed.

Strategy Edit

15+ points in Bait are almost mandatory. Take helium out of pheromones, it won't do anything in this challenge.

Make sure traps are building at all spare times, turning auto-traps on as soon as you can. Swap your player between building traps and baiting trimps frequently. An excessive amount of housing/coordinations bought may actually slow your run down, due to the repopulation times.

This challenge really starts to slow down around z28. Having a lot of block and hp can help your baiting to keep up with your fighting groups.

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