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Turkimp is a special imp which spawns exclusively in world zones. On average, it should spawn every ~285.71 cells.

Rewards Edit

When a Turkimp is killed, a duration of 15 minutes is started. When another Turkimp is killed, additional time is added to that duration, for a maximum of 25 minutes.

During that time, if the player is manually working one of the three basic resources (Food, Wood or Metal), the production rate of Trimps on that resource is increased by 50%, and base loot is increased like this.

The production increase also works with imps which give loot based on production time, such as Chronoimp or Jestimp.

Quotes Edit

Chat log quotes when a Turkimp is killed:

  • "Yum, Turkimp! You eat some and put some in your pockets for later."
  • "You seem very happy to see that this land came with free food too! You gobble up some turkimp."
  • "You're quite grateful to finally eat some protein! You eat a bunch of Turkimp and find a Trimp to carry the rest back for you."
  • "Apparently your scientists are vegetarians. Hurray, more Turkimp for you!"
  • "You hear a loud gobbling sound in the distance, it sounds angry. You disregard it because this Turkimp is delicious!"
  • "Ah, Turkimp. Nature's version of a Chickimp with a weirder head. Sure is tasty! You eat your fill and save some for later."

Formulas Edit

Below is a formula which determines the percentage chance for a Turkimp to spawn on each cell:

0.35 * (1 / (99 - (3 * [World Imp-orts bought]))) * 100%
Resulting in the following possibilities in chances of spawning a Turkimp per each cell:

World Imp-orts owned Chance per cell
0 0.354%
1 0.365%
2 0.376%
3 0.389%
4 0.402%
5 0.417%

These are exact percentages, as the game rounds them to three decimal numbers.

Accounting for Imp-orts is required as more Imp-orts reduce the amount of cells eligible for Turkimps to spawn, explained in the imp spawn rules.

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