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This article only covers upgrades. If you were looking for a list of all unlocks in the game, try Unlocks.

Upgrades can be found through world progression, or by searching for them in maps.

World Edit

One-time upgrades Edit

These upgrades can only be found on the world map, and are only ever unlocked once per run:

Repeated upgrades Edit

These upgrades can only be found on the world map, and repeat every certain number of zones:

Maps Edit

These upgrades can be found in maps:

There are also specific upgrades which can be obtained only from unique maps:

Permanent upgrades Edit

Some upgrades which can be found are permanent, which means they persist and do not reset across Portals.

Upgrade Method of acquisition
Starting benefits


Completion of the Scientist challenges
Auto Upgrade Break the planet for the first time
Auto Prestige Complete Scientist IV
Auto Storage Beat a Void map at zone 75+
Improved Auto Storage Beat a Void map at zone 150+
Auto Golden Upgrade Buy 300 Golden Upgrades in total
Robotrimp Beat Bionic Wonderland
Geneticistassist Beat Bionic Wonderland IV

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